Saturday, November 10, 2018

November 2018 Goals

Gotta do to this again. Hopefully every month.

Revisiting my September Goals: (this also applies as my October goals)
  • Continue to grow intimate with the Lord (quiet time, Bible study, Dgroup and volunteer). Yes, but there's still room for improvement.
  • Control my emotions and don't get too affected. Stay emotionally healthy by getting enough sleep, managing stress, etc. Somehow, though I got a major outbreak in the mid of October.
  • Eat more fruits to fight constipation. Not really. I drank too much soft drinks. 😅
  • Meet with best friends. Not yet.
  • Attend marriage retreat.  Done with our Dgroup at MMRC.
  • Make a budget with Duz. We did this. We just need to execute it.

So here's for the month of November:
  • Improve my prayer time.
  • Leave and cleave.
  • Dispose and laundry all clothes.
  • Level up in my online business and raket.
  • Back to business - leche flan.
  • Bring back #BabeTime.
  • Back to blogging.
  • Stick to our budget.
  • Ultrasound and check up.
  • Baby bump picture.

What are your goals this month? Mind sharing?

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