Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up: Week 35 of 2018

Sep/01/2018 - Saturday afternoon after work, we went to SM Hypermarket buy some ingredients. We planned to visit our friend and cook at their place.

Duz and Chloe played for a little while.

And we headed to our friend's place in North Belton.

Chloe swam with her new friend.

Actually, wala naman kaming baon na pang swimming niya. Pinahiram lang siya ng damit dahil di siya papayag na di makapag-swimming nung nakita niya na may pool. 😅

It was sunset time and it was so peaceful.

Duz on the other hand was busy preparing our food.

He cooked Tuna Mushroom Carbonara.

We bought Mocha Caramel cake and it was delicious!

We ate and then decided to stay in the garden.

They played cards and shared stories.

It was a fun night.

Sep/02/2018 - Sunday morning, we made egg sandwich.

We also had papaya for breakfast. 

I have struggles with constipation that I really need to eat food rich in fiber. I love chilled papaya with condensed milk.

I watched the live service at 9 am but wasn't able to finish it because we needed to prepare.

I had this picture of Chloe before going to church.

I thinks she's getting to the acceptance stage little by little. 😅

Pastor Danny Urquico gave a powerful message.

At 1 pm, we were at our Dgroup leader's house. After lunch, we started our GLC Book 1 Session 3 - One Proof. Here, we learned that a proof of true Christianity is obedience to God and love for others.

After our Dgroup, we had dinner at Starbugz Sizzling.

As soon as we got home, I slept right away.

How was your weekend? 

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