Monday, September 3, 2018

September 2018 Goals

First, let's revisit my August Goals:

  • Sublease our commercial space for passive income and less stress. I want to thank God because first day of August we closed the deal with our new leaser. 
  • Focus on my online business. I tried my best but got a low sale this month. 😔 I'll try again this September.
  • Support CCF Novaliches. Pray for God's leading where to volunteer. We've been praying for our church. I have this desire to volunteer to a specific ministry and still praying for it.
  • Support Duz in his career whether he decides to do business, work local or abroad.  Duz got a job offer locally and I'm really happy about it. 
  • Continue my spiritual discipline: quiet time, Bible study, fellowship and soon - volunteer. It's not perfect but I think it's progressing. I'm glad we started with our GLC training.

So here's for the month of September:
  • Continue to grow intimate with the Lord (quiet time, Bible study, Dgroup and volunteer).
  • Control my emotions and don't get too affected. Stay emotionally healthy by getting enough sleep, managing stress, etc.
  • Eat more fruits to fight constipation.
  • Meet with best friends.
  • Attend marriage retreat.
  • Make a budget with Duz.

What are your goals this month? Mind sharing?

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