Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Favorites: Week 36 of 2018

Sharing to you my favorites for this week.

Monday, Duz started with his new job.

During orientation, he didn't even notice he was sitting beside Miriam Quiambao. When it finally sinked in, he PM'd me. I requested for a photo. 😆

Walang pasok that day because of the inclement weather. So, Chloe stayed with me at work the whole day.

She was able to play with Kendra (my partner's daughter) for awhile.

After lunch...

I felt quite bad that I had to stay inside the locker for 2 hours.

Good thing, it didn't get worse.

Tuesday, Duz sent me his photo wearing a maong jacket.

One of his bosses, gave them Mossimo jacket as their uniform. Sabi ko nga sakanya, bagay yung uniform nila sa personality niya. Casual lang. Laid back.

In the meantime, I started practicing homeschooling.

I gave Chloe a Filipino worksheet. I noticed that she can't focused on a task. She keeps on transferring to different places, true to her teacher's observation. 

Teacher: Misis yung anak niyo po palipat-lipat ng upuan. Kaya wala pong natatapos.


Kaya naisipan ko bigyan siya ng timer. Yun lang, pag iinom siya or magsi-CR, ini-stop niya ang timer. 😅

Chloe snapped this photo. I'm happy I can bring Chloe at work. My job is a real blessing. Wala masyadong stress. Light lang ang environment. Kaya kahit hirap ako sa morning sickness, kinakaya naman. 💪

Wednesday morning, we continued with practicing homeschooling.

That day's subject was Spelling. By the way, that's gum on her lip. Like Momi, she likes chewing gum. 😆

That night, we had our regular Bible study at CCF Novaliches.

105 attendees. Record-breaker. #SoliDeoGloria

Thankful for these ladies because I learn so much from them. Women with wisdom from God.

As soon as we got home, Chloe slept like a log.

She's really like that. Wearing underwear only, in a very uncomfortable position. 😁 When I asked Duz to move Chloe, he said "Yaan mo siya. Diyan comfortable anak mo." 😅

Thursday afternoon, our boss gave us tupig and puto calasiao from Pangasinan.

After awhile, our client who's celebrating her birthday delivered food for us.

Nakaka-touch yung mga clients namen na di nakakalimot. 😊 

Yesterday morning, I mentioned Duz in a photo.

While at work at around 6 pm, I saw a man coming. I wasn't expecting him because his cellphone battery was drained, I cannot contact him and I knew he's going straight to our house.

I was still busy talking to my cousin that time.

But I totally forgot na about the comment I did earlier that day.

I was so surprised when I realized that he took it seriously and he intentionally surprised me.

Fan talaga ako ng Amazing Aloha. Elementary pa lang, binibilhan na ako ni lolo nito pang reward sakin or gamot ko minsan pag may sakit ako. 😅

I was happy. Hindi masyadong ma-gift si Duz. Hindi rin naman gifts and top emotional need ko. Pero yung paminsan minsan na pag-eefort niya, natutuwa naman ako. 💓

This morning, Chloe called Popcy.

Popcy kept on telling her how beautiful she is.

Makulit lang daw, hindi mana kay Momi. Behave daw ako nung ganyang edad ko eh. 😅

Happy weekend. Stay blessed!

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