Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wifey Wednesday: Who should manage the money in a relationship?

Currently, I'm hooked in following Relationship Matters PH. Every Wednesday night at 9 pm, Richard and Maricar go live on their Facebook page to discuss a certain topic about relationships.

Last week's topic was: Who should manage the money in a relationship?

Pointers from their vlog:

  • Kung sino ang mas magaling humawak ng pera. It doesn't have to be the wife.
  • Problematic if the one who handles the money is an over-spender.
  • It doesn't mean porket ikaw ang humahawak ng pera, mas magaling kang kumita.
  • 1st step: Agree on who's better with money.
  • 2nd step: Dapat magkaroon ng budget. Wag itaas ang budget kapag tumaas ang sweldo. Dagdagan ang savings!
  • 3rd step: List your expenses. (I was mentioned in 3:11 😂)
  • Singles, do not get joint accounts!
  • Others practice this: Pera ni husband, pera niyong dalawa. Pera ni wife, pera niya! Reason behind it: ayaw ni husband na kaya lang nag-stay si wife sa kanya dahil wala siyang sariling pera.
  • Husband's role: to provide for both (husband and wife) of your needs.
  • A husband made this commitment: "Dapat ako talaga yung first line na magpo-provide. Kahit di mag-work yung wife ko, I can still provide for her and the kids." The minute na inako niya ang full responsibility -- partnered with God, gumawa ng paraan, nagsumikap... the career blossomed!
  • Husband's income increases when he takes full ownership. (Dapat ako mag-provide 100% mentality)
  • There's nothing easy about being a provider,celebrity or not.
  • Kung lalaki ka, take the lead.
  • It's inspiring to see a man takes responsibility in spite of his wife's ability to work.
  • For women, ano mas nakakakilig? "Pakasalan kita pero hati tayo sa expenses." or "Pakasalan kita. Aalagaan kita. 100% ako gagastos."
  • Sometimes, the woman earns more.
  • One of the top emotional need is financial support. Top need of 80 - 90 %  of women.
  • A woman can bear TEMPORARY financial lows of a man. If it becomes longer, the woman might give up on the relationship.

My personal opinion:
The one who's better with money should manage it. Mahirap kapag ang isang partner lang ang nagtitipid. If you can't contribute to the household income, at least magcontribute ka sa pagtitipid. If mas madiskarte si wife, hindi dapat maging kampante si husband to the point na iaasa na niya lahat kay wife. He must make his best effort to provide for the whole family. Pwede kasing temporary lang na si wife muna ang provider dahil may financial low si husband but that should not be the permanent situation. Dapat si husband pa rin ang may full responsibility sa provision. Yan ang design ni God. Primary role ni husband is to provide for the family. Helpmate si wife but that's not her primary role. She's designed to take care of the family.

How about you? What's your opinion on this matter? Wanna share? 

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