Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wifey Wednesday: Complete Honesty Of Your Partner's Past

Today, I'll restart a series called Wifey Wednesday. Every Wednesday, I'll share a blog post related to being a wife.

Currently, I'm hooked in following Relationship Matters PH. Every Wednesday night at 9 pm, Richard and Maricar go live on their Facebook page to discuss a certain topic about relationships.

Last week, the topic was: Do you want complete honesty of your partner's past? (To know EVERYTHING about him/her kahit tapos na?)

Do you think you should be aware of your partner's past issues, even if "tapos na"? Or will this cause more harm than good?
Pointers from their vlog:

  • Sabi nung iba, parang pag bumili ka ng 2nd hand na kotse. Yung original owner puro magaganda lang ang sinabi sayo. Tapos nagbreakdown yung sasakyan. May sira pala yung kotse. Di ba sasabihin mo sa dating may-ari "Bakit di mo sinabi sakin na may ganitong problema pala 'to?! Sana sinabi mo sakin, umpisa pa lang."
  • I want complete honesty of my partner's past. The past might affect the present and the future.
  • For Christians, negative patterns of previous generations can affect 4 generations down.
  • Mas masarap ang tulog ng mga taong completely honest.
  • Some of us tell we want the whole truth but we can't handle it.
  • It takes a lot of maturity to know the truth.
  • Could the level of honesty be proportionate to the couple's intimacy?

My personal opinion:
What I don't know hurt me the most. I want complete honesty including past. I asked Duz' opinion. He also feels the same. I'm glad that on set of our relationship, we both shared everything (the bad and good of our past). Kaya pag nagiinuman sila ng mga kaibigan niya tapos aasarin siya tungkol sa isang ex or something, tatawanan ko na lang. Tapos sasabihin ni Duz, "Alam ni Em yun. Kinuwento ko sakanya lahat." Imagine kung sa iba ko pa nalaman na ex niya pala si ganito, sigurado warla na kami agad niyan.

So for me, I value honesty. I really do. 

How about you? Please share your thoughts below. 

Kindly join Relationship Matters PH's live tonight at 9 pm.


  1. Nagbabasa rin ako ng blog nila, Em. I agree with you! Cliche as it sounds, but honesty for me is still the best policy. :)