Monday, July 16, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up: Week 28 of 2018

Jul/14/2018 (Saturday) - Duz and I went to our shop early in the morning. We decided to sit down, analyze and weigh things out. 

We both decided to give up our Ukay-ukay shop and look for someone who would rent our space. In that case, we'll have passive income. I will have a separate and more detailed post about this soon.

So, I posted our ads in OLX and FB groups.

In the afternoon, we went to my workplace and checked the on going construction of the apartment. We are praying really hard to be able to cleave. We're waiting for this to be available for occupancy.

Before sleeping, Chloe was able to create videos from Tik Tok.

Jul/15/2018 (Sunday) - After a month, we were able to go to our church -- CCF Commonwealth.

We had our obligatory photo op after the service.

While having lunch, I took this video. #TikTokInCarideria 😆

We went to our shop in the afternoon. Duz and his dad are removing some things in our place.

While waiting, we did some Tik Tok videos.

At 5 pm, we were in the house of our Dgroup leader.

We honored our leader because they recently celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary.

We missed the group so much because we weren't able to meet them for the whole month of June. We discussed Genesis 3. Shared our insights and personal stories then had dinner.

Chloe enjoyed playing Lego with her friend, Sarah.

When we got home, all Duz' siblings were there .

It was a breakthrough weekend for us. To God be the glory.

Stay blessed!

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