Friday, March 23, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up: Week 10 of 2018

Mar/11/2018 (Saturday) - Our church had the orientation for volunteers this coming Holy Week Retreat. It was a privilege that I could volunteer for the second time around. Last year, I was a volunteer under Registration Team in CCF Main. This time, I'd be one of the facilitators in CCF Commonwealth.

After the orientation, I went straight to work. Every Saturday, we have less people visiting the gym. I got the chance to watch Ipaglaban Mo, SOCO and Imbestigador. 😄

Duz' niece went to my in-laws house (we currently stay with my in-laws). her name is Addie, our very first pamangkin sa side ni Duz.

Mar/12/2018 (Sunday) - Duz was busy cooking so I opened our small shop alone. Duz finished cooking around 4 pm. He went to our shop with spaghetti and buffalo wings and that's the only time I got to eat. So hungry.

We closed our shop around 8 pm and went home to join the celebration.

They decided to call us Nanay and Tatay, being the eldest couple in the family.

Chloe requested to blow the candle. 😀

After finishing my plate, I started doing the laundry. Yeah! That's how I recap my weekend. 👌

Stay blessed!

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