Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Coloring books for adults have become the latest trend, and unlike some fads, this one is actually really good for you. So one fine day, I printed a page of Mandala template. 

Coloring used to be reserved fro children, but recently, the activity has found a different demographic.

For the adult set, coloring has been growing in popularity over the past year or so as a sort of coping mechanism, used to counter the pitfalls of busy, everyday life.

Take the advice of psychologists -- who recommend coloring as a stress-relieving technique and an alternative to mediation. 

Like mediation, coloring allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus on the moment. 

Coloring enthusiasts claim that coloring makes them feel calmer, mentally clearer, happier, and more relaxed.

Coloring allows the fear center of your brain to relax, thereby relaxing you — and not just while you are coloring. 

It's the latest way to relax.


  1. I saw a lot of people getting engage in coloring books pero I haven't tried it myself. Maybe next time kapag mas madami na akong time. =)

    1. Minsan kolang din nagagawa, pag may time. Mas madalas yung colorfy na app sa cp :)