Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Excellence Day

Saturday morning, right after our Friday shift -  we had our annual Excellence Day.

Here are some of the photos. Meet Team Shindig. 

We danced to the tune of "Party in the USA".

There were parlor games.

And BFF (burger, fries and fanulak).

I love the red, blue and white velvet cupcake.

By the way, do you like our DIY shirts? I suggested that and made most of them. I just asked my teammates to put patterns on their shirts then I brought the shirts home. I sprayed them. Medyo sumakit ang dibdib ko sa dami ng pinturang nasinghot ko, pero worth it naman kasi maraming nagandahan sa outcome. Duz and I are planning to include this in our small online shop. Sideline namen ang tumanggap ng orders :)

I also like how our MPH was designed based on our theme - USA Party. The team that organized our program was really creative and resourceful. Pictures are not mine. They are all from my colleagues.

I was home around 1 pm. Because I'm dead tired, I snooze off immediately.

Sunday was another low key day for us. Lots of snuggling because of the bed weather.

We had puto't dinuguan for breakfast.

I did the laundry while Duz prepared our lunch.

It was our first time to cook Chicken Pandan.

I'm familiar of the recipe because Momcy always cooked this for us way back then. Konti lang yun pandan namen at maliliit pa. Next time, we'll improve it.

Sunday night, we watched Jurassic World and Furious 7. Those were Duz' choice.

Yesterday, I photocopied some pages of Chloe's books. Earlier today, I asked her to answer them before going to school.

While eating/drinking taho. 

Hindi siya masyadong mahilig sa taho unlike me na hanggang nayon ay araw-araw parin bumibili. A cup of taho is indeed my cup of happiness.

It's rich in Lunacin and protein. It improves metabolism, prevents cancer, and helps lose weight. Oh diva?!

That's how our weekend went. How about you guys?

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  1. Naks, sexy momma! Sana pumayat na rin ako, haha. Yan ang masaya, snuggling. Hindi pa ako nakapagluto ng Chicken Pandan, ever. Share naman ng recipe, sis. TY in advance. :)