Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rain Boots

If the wet pavements and headache-inducing traffic are any indication, folk, it's time now to face the painful truth that the rainy season is upon us. And with that, we bid adieu (at least for now) t our teeny bikinis. Instead, we embrace this tropical rainy. What will help you brave the rainy months and sudden rain showers aside from your umbrella? Rain boots!!!
So, I was looking for rain boots online and I found a lot of beautiful styles.
Oooh La Lace-Boots
Rhinna Rain BootsRobin Boots
Rhinna Rain BootsTorelma Rain BootsTorelma Rain BootsTina Rain BootsMid High Rain BootsTania Rain BootsThelma Rain BootsTania Rain Boots
Aren't they cute? Will you be ashamed to wear those trendy rain boots?
If you're nervous to wear your rain boots on a normal day, check this out!

I will soon buy my own pair.

How about you?