Thursday, March 26, 2015

Viral Salutatorian Speech

Napanood niyo ba yung viral salutatorian speech?

The video, which has gotten more than 2 million views on YouTube as of this posting, showed school officials interrupting Mallari as she spoke at the podium. You can read more about it here.

I can somehow relate to that student.

When I was in elementary, I attended a Christian school in Novaliches, QC.

It opened in 1999 and I was part of the first batch of students. I was in Grade 3 that time.

I was a consistent honor student, top 2 to be specific.

Top 1 si Armand. Top 2 ako. Yung top 3-10 nag-i-interchange pero kameng 2 hindi. That's from Grade 3 (1st quarter) until Grade 6 (3rd quarter). Consistent!

Imagine kung gaano ko katagal iningatan ang spot ko sa Top 2 para makagraduate ako as Salutatorian. Unfortunately, that award was not given to me. It was given to someone else. It was a difficult stage in my and my mom's life. If I remember it correctly, my mom tried to talk to my adviser and the principal to discuss my grades. Hindi ko na lang masyadong maalala kung anong nangyari. Basta ang tumatak sakin, the girl who became our instant Salutatorian is a goddaughter of the owner of the school.

Ang saklap diba.

Agad-agad, nag-hanap ng ibang school si Momcy. I went to a different school nung high school.

Hindi ako maka move on that time. Hindi pa ako masyadong marunong mag-handle ng pag-katalo noon. But my mom always told me na ako talaga ang Salutatorian. Haha. So I believed her.
I was wearing red shoes when we were told to wear black only. Haha!

Going back to Krisel Mallari, I would have said her line too - " "I am Mara Nuqui, a Filipino citizen who would rather choose to fail with honor, than win by cheating."




  1. Didn't get to hear the speech but I read the transcript. Must have been heart breaking =( and more heart breaking to know you had the same experience. Hay! Injustice is part of life...