Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Happiness Project: Go To Sleep Earlier

I posted this same thing last year. I've added few things that I'm doing this year.

Turn off the light. “Near your bedtime, don’t do any work that requires alert thinking. Keep your bedroom slightly chilly. Do a few prebed stretches. Also—this is important—because light confuses the body’s circadian clock, keep the lights low around bedtime, say, if you go to the bathroom. Also, make sure your room is very dark when the lights are out. Like a hotel room.” Two of my most useful getting-to-sleep strategies were my own invention. First, I tried to get ready for bed well before bedtime. Sometimes I stayed up late because I was too tired to take out my contacts—plus, putting on my glasses had an effect like putting the cover on the parrot’s cage. Also, if I woke up in the night, I’d tell myself, “I have to get up in two minutes.” I’d imagine that I’d just hit the snooze alarm and in two minutes, I’d have to march through my morning routine. Often this was an exhausting enough prospect to make me fall asleep. And sometimes I gave up and took an Ambien.

What I Do:
I set my phone's alarm to remind me that I need to go to sleep. Once the alarm beeps, I get a reminder that I should stop watching TV or browsing FB and I must go to sleep.

Since I work at night, it's really a challenge to sleep during the day. I use sleeping mask and it really helps.

And yes, sometimes - I take antihistamine if I'm having difficulty sleeping :)

Any other ideas? Feel free to share.

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