Thursday, January 22, 2015

CCF (Photo Diary)

I already shared our experience when we first visited CCF here.

But I'll tell you more about it.

First, we registered Chloe sa Sunday School. Nadaanan namen to at nanlaki ang mga mata niya.

I told her she'll play there next time.

After the service, we went to the Welcome Center. This is the place for new attendees.

They offer snacks.

If you're single, someone will talk to you one on one.

Since Duz and I are couple, a couple attended to us.

They gave us few materials and we talked about salvation.

They also invited us to attend an upcoming Couples Retreat.

They gave us a "Daily Bread".

Bago kame umalis, they gave us a letter.

Nakaka-bless. They are so professional and very welcoming.

After that, sinundo na namen si Chloe.

She handed me this.

Nakakatuwa :)

Gutom na ang mag-ama ko so we went straight to the cafeteria.

It was jam-packed.

May mga affordable meals naman. Laing for Duz and of course, chicken for me :)

Trivia: Chloe loves porridge (arte). Oo, lugaw. Pag nasa labas kame at tinanong mo kung anong gusto niyang kainin, unlike most kids na sasabihin - Jollibee, my lil tyke will tell you she likes lugaw. Tipid. Haha :)

After stuffing our tummies, we checked CCF's bookstore.

Sa 2nd floor, it has a coffee shop. See that? Blesspresso. Love it!

They have live streaming. Sarap mag chill chill dito.

Going down...

We checked some books.

There's also a place where you can sit and read... Yung usual na ginagawa namen ni Duz pag nasa National Bookstore kame.

Then, before leaving the CCF building, photo op muna.

Here's the front desk... parang 5-star hotel.

This is my favorite. #FROMTHEINSIDEOUT

That's what I always sing pag nagwo-worship time ako.

That's it. 

After that, we checked the zoo beside CCF.

I'll show you more about it on my next post.

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