Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: Lewis & Pearl ScentShop

I thought I’d share with you some products (aside from make up) that I’ve been enjoying lately. Here's the first one.

I'm travelling a lot this past few days. Before I even get to my final destination, I already smell like - barbeque?? Haha... blame it to pollution. 

So before going to work, I dropped by at Mercury drugstore to buy a cologne. I’ve walked past the aisles of the fragrance counters and have scanned familiar brands but this particular cologne caught my attention. Honestly, the packaging intrigued me since it has a little vintage-y feel. And since I love vintage and Paris, I picked one scent in particular - the "Sweet Paris" of Lewis & Pearl ScentShop.



"Like a slow dance under the Eiffel Tower, lose yourself in this whirlwind fragrance of lush raspberries, creamy vanilla and ripened tangerines."

I'm not a big fan of perfumes, specially those branded super expensive ones. I'm happy with mild scented, inexpensive local brand colognes. It doesn't rip my wallet and I can share it with my two daughters.

The smallest bottle of Lewis & Pearl ScentShop only costs around 20-30 pesos so it wouldn't actually hurt to buy so you can try it for yourself.

I splash it all over my body around 3 - 5 times within a day.

The tiny bottle lasted for a week.

And today, I did a little research about it (Yes, I love researching). Let me share it with you.

Lewis & Pearl ScentShop is what inspiration smells like. Every scent, every splash is reminiscent of life’s best experiences.

Get Inspired: ScentShop x Signatures
 Lewis & Pearl ScentShop continues to share life’s best experiences with its all-time favorite scents. Get inspired to live the best life ever with the inspiring fragrances of Summer, Cool Fantasy, Dew Drops and Dream.

Be You: ScentShop x His & Hers
Adventure is in the air! Lewis & Pearl ScentShop’s adventure-inspired scents are perfect for guys and girls daring to have a great time. Possibilities await with every splash of Blue Navy, Rain and Ice Water.

Go Places: ScentShop x Travels
What’s next on your “places to visit” list? Splash on one of our destination-inspired scents and seek new adventures everyday. Breathe in a scent of adventure with Lewis & Pearl ScentShop’s New York Beats, Rock’n Rio and Sweet Paris.

Feel refreshed: ScentShop x Fragrance Mists
Where can you find inspiration? Everywhere! Let inspiration fill the air with each spray of Lewis & Pearl ScentShop’s Fragrance Mist Collection in the inspiring scents of Wish, Princess and Cherry Blossom.


New ScentShop by Lewis & Pearl is what inspiration smells like, so you can live the best life ever!  

What is your favorite new thing that you discovered recently?

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