Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Do you want your relationships to last forever?

The Wolf Of Trials

My married friend said, “Before the wedding, you get an engagement ring. During the wedding, you get a wedding ring. After the wedding, you get suffering.”

Most marriages don’t break up because of adultery, but because of adversity.

When there are no problems, it’s easy to have a happy relationship.

In a restaurant, do you know who are engaged couples and who are married couples? Just look at how close they are physically. If you see the guy and the gal joined together—hand to hand, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, bad breath to bad breath—and beneath the table cloth, they’re playing footsies together—and even if nuclear warheads fall on their right and left, they won’t even notice? And nothing else exists except each other? You can be sure, they’re not married!

But if you see a man and a woman in a restaurant seated separately, so far apart that a six-by-six truck can pass between them, and the woman is fiddling with her cellphone, and the man is looking at the ceiling counting the light bulbs and wondering how much the electric bill the restaurant is paying… you can be sure, they’re married.

Why? Because of the wolf of trials.

It’s easy for unmarried couples to stay sweet. They’re not yet burdened by the daily problems of monthly bills, demanding kids, and pesky in-laws.

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