Thursday, July 3, 2014

Power Pops! by Lemon Square

It was only the other day when I had the chance to give Lemon Square Power Pops a try. Lemon Square Power Pops are chewy snacks made from popped rice (rice crispies). It’s in the form of a bar and it has Vitamin A,C, B2 and B9 (folic acid). It comes in three flavors namely: Champorado, Peanut Caramel with Bottom Chocolate Coating, and Milky Caramel with Cookie Bits.

I'm a Cream-O-holic and Cream-O is what I usually partner with my coffee when I'm at work. I’ve been running out of snack ideas until I discovered Power Pops! I've read some blogs that posted about this new product of Lemon Square.

Last night, I bought the orange one - Peanut Caramel with Chocolate Coating. It is a Chocolate, caramel and peanut butter in a crispy, chewy treat that is going to be added to my list of favorites!

I'll definitely try the other two flavors. Once done, I'll let you know which is my favorite.

I'll let Duz and the kids to try it too.

Powerpops now brings you: Power Share for Ipad Air!


1. Participants must like the Powerpops Facebook page at

2. Share the promo poster. Make sure to include the hashtags, #PowerShareForiPadAir and #Powerpops to be considered an official entry.

3. Participants may only share the promo poster once.

4. Promo period is from June 30 – July 30, 2014

5. Winner of the iPad Air will be announced via Powerpops FB page on August 4, 2014. Consolation prize in a form of gift packs will be given to two other participants.

6. Entries from first degree relatives of Big "E" Food Corporation employees will be considered void.

To know more about it, check it here.

I already joined the promo. :)

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