Saturday, July 26, 2014

Implanon is now available in the Philippines

THE Davao City Health Office (CHO) introduced a new contraceptive for women that will prevent them from being pregnant for three years.

Implanon is like an injection wherein the doctor will inject a rod, which is the size of a matchstick, to the non-dominant arm of the taker.

The rod contains 68 milligrams (mg) of etonogestrel, a steroidal progestin, that helps prevent pregnancy. According to the Implanon website, several ways that makes it prevent pregnancy is it stops the release of an egg from the ovary, changes the mucus in the woman's cervix that may keep the sperm from reaching the egg, and changes the lining of the uterus.

The implant has a failure rate of less than one percent, making it a very effective contraceptive.

Jeff Fuentes of the City Health Office gives details on the new birth control implant called "Implanon", a soft medical polymer about the size of a matchstick inserted under the skin of a woman's arm to prevent her from getting pregnant for up to three years.
However, he clarified that once the woman gets the implant, the couple should still use protection for a week.
Jeff Fuentes, officer-in-charge of the Population Division, assured the public that Implanon is safe and has been studied by the World Health Organization.
Cruz said the technology just arrived late last year and very few are still using it. Cruz said since their training and orientation with public and private doctors in November and December 2013, they have already implanted it to some 100 women.

"We are targeting to give the contraceptive to those who are in the National Household Targetting System (NHTS) and Cast Transfer System (CTS)," he said, adding that it will be provided to them for free. The cost of Implanon would range around P10,000 to P14,000.
Fuentes said the birth rate is not the main reason why they are providing the contraceptive but in order to address maternal deaths, give a choice for those who want to limit their children, and address long-term spacing.
"The Implanon is very beneficial for couples who want spacing among their children and for those who haven't decided to have a baby yet," Cruz said.
Cruz also said that this is part of the government's commitment to the Millenium Development Goal of reducing child mortality rates and improving maternal health.
Fuentes said they will be purchasing and requesting the implant from the Department of Health and non-government organization MindanaoHealth.
"We are already requesting for Implanon but we already have a limited stock available at CHO of around 100 shots," he said.
Fuentes said interested takers may go to CHO to have their names listed.

Source: Sunstar

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