Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sarah G. and Matteo G.

On June 19, Sarah finally admitted that Matteo is her boyfriend.

Matteo, “Let’s face it, guys, you know, I’m 24, she’s 25. We’re young adults.
“She can make her own decision and I can make my own decision also, ‘di ba?
“She deserves it, she deserves all the happiness.”

Celebrities are happy that the Pop Star Princess confirmed her romantic relationship with actor Matteo.

Asked by Funfare during a phone chat yesterday afternoon what his friendly advice to Matteo is, Derek said:
“He should take good care of Sarah; they should take good care of each other. Like me, Matteo is liberated kasi laking-abroad din siya, while Sarah comes from a traditionally-conservative family. And Matteo should respect Sarah’s beliefs. They should meet halfway because a relationship is give-and-take.”

Ano kaya ang masasabi ni Mommy Divine?

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