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Review: Golden Pyramid Pavilion Resort

This is an overdue post.

Last Christmas, my family celebrated Christmas' Eve and Christmas Day at Golden Pyramid Resort. It opened last August 2012. This fairly new resort situated in Novaliches Quezon City offers an Egyptian-inspired place. We booked a room for an overnight stay. I did my reservation over the phone few days before December 24th. 

Guest Rooms
For accommodation, they have four rooms facing the pool and 8 rooms on the second floor. The guest rooms on the second floor are cheaper. Each room has basic amenities: bed, TV, aircon, dining table and chairs and bathroom.

Resto Bar
The resort has  a resto - bar where they offer short orders and group meals. I should say that the staffs are very accommodating. The night we checked, I asked them if they can store our baon in their fridge. They granted my request. The next morning, I asked them if they can reheat our food and they said yes!

The place has a coin-operated videoke machine. I'm glad it's not for rent compared to other resorts where you need to pay for at least P500.

This is rented by people who are having parties. You can ask the staffs if you want to reserve the place for venue. They can assist you in getting caterers and other party needs.

They have two pools: infinity pool with fountain and kiddie pool with slide. The infinity pool doesn't look like one. I don't know why they call it infinity. For me, it's just a normal pool. The kiddie pool is a little bigger than the other one. Kids love the slide.

I wasn't able to check the function rooms. They have a small place on the second floor where your group can stay privately. It's an open space but it can only accommodate one group of people. It's always occupied because guests prefer to stay there. There's a corner where you can grill. If you are a walk-in guest, they provide tables and chairs.

Here are the rates (as of 2012) Please contact them to check if this is up to date. 

The Good
The staffs are accommodating.
The facilities are fairly new and maintained.
The place is not crowded.

The Not-So Good
Standard room costs P1500. When I called to reserve a room, the lady told me they don't limit the number of guests that will stay in the room. Momcy, Sha, Pretty & Chloe stayed overnight. Duz and I went home and returned in the morning. Here's my expectation: we book a room for P1500 and all of us can use the pool for free. However, I was informed that they charge per head if you use the swimming pool. Since I'm aware of that, we just let the kids swim. So, it's additional P400 (P200/each). When we were checking out, the cashier told me that they are charging  P200/head for each person who enters the resort, even if you don't use the pool. So here's their quotation:

P1500 - room
P200 x 5pax = P1000 - entrance fee
P2500 - total

Of course we raised our dispute. I spoke with the manager's assistant and told him that was not explained to me. He told me that this is their new rule. They lacked to communicate that to us. Nevertheless, he apologized and said that I can just pay form the room and P400 for the two kids who used the pool. Deal!

The Verdict
I recommend this place for people who don't want to travel far. If you are living in Quezon City, this is one of the best resorts to try. The place is quiet and the Egyptian-inspired theme is very unique. My suggestion is -  ask first their new rates. There might be misunderstanding that might lead to overcharging.

How To Get There

From Trinoma or Sm North, ride an FX going to Novaliches Bayan. (estimate - P30)
Alight at Holy Cross and ride a tricycle going to Golden Pyramid. (estimate - P30)

Golden Pyramid Pavilion and Resort
Phone Number: 425-0796 

FB Page

More photos here.

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