Friday, June 20, 2014

How to Prepare Calamansi Juice and Its Benefits

I discovered a natural way to boost immune system. I was sneezing all day at work. I felt like I was about to have a flu. A friend told me to drink calamansi juice. I researched more about it online. Here's what I found out.

  • Drinking Calamansi Juice is definitely a natural and effective, to keep your kidney healthy. At no specific time, ten or more calamansi fruit in a glass of water are needed to consume. Aside from that, it also eliminates urine odor and lighten urine color.
  • Calamansi Juice has anti-bacterial property which is effective and natural mouthwash as it eliminates morning breath.
  • In addition, Calamansi Juice is much cheaper than any other health and beauty products over the counter, but it contains similar benefits, yet natural.

Immediately, I started drinking Calaman Juice.


You will need:
  • 5 pieces big green calamansi fruit
  • White Sugar
  • A glass of cold or warm water according to your choice

Here's how I prepare it:
  1. Clean the calamansi fruit and cut into two.
  2. Squeeze to get the juice and pour into the glass of water.
  3. You can separate the seed using a fork when squeezing.
  4. Add the sugar to taste then stir and drink.

Health is wealth! Therefore, I highly suggest Calamansi Juice to add on your daily consumption to maintain a good health and beauty without harmful side effects.

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