Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Friday Favorites: Week 20 of 2020

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites.

I got more turbans for myself on Mother's Day. Yay! I like wearing a turban because it's fashionable and it covers my forehead.

Video calling with Popcy because he likes to see baby Coffee grow.

These two are starting to become best of friends. They like each other a lot. 

Duz prepared my "bacon" for my night shift. Haha. I actually work at home, it's just that, I'm gonna eat this during my break.

Duz went to the mobile palengke to but our stocks for the week.

We've been trying to work out for the past few days. We are doing 50 burpees every morning.

Coffee started playing with Birkin. I think she likes it.

So it is said that metro Manila will be under MECQ -- Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine.

I found Birkin cuddling barney while sleeping. Aren't they cute?

This puppy loves squeezing herself between two sleeping humans. Haha.

 I made a new logo for our page. Duz liked it more than the old one. This looks manly.

Showing off my OOTD when I went down to the lobby. Haha. Denim over denim.

I've finally added Gcash as mode of payment in my online shop.

What else could be more delicious for breakfast than longsilog?

But I guess Tocilog is equally delicious. 

How about an egg sandwich?

My supplier sent me 50 pieces of face mask. I'm so happy.

Duz made coffee jelly, our dessert for the weekend. 

Duz played cafe music while I work at night. It feels like I'm doing the job done inside Starbucks.

Speaking of Starbucks, I borrow my sister's tumbler whenever I drink hot coffee at night to keep the beverage warm.

Then I opened this jar of coffee. Ooh lala! The aroma is heavenly.

And I use this liquid creamer sent by Popcy from the US. French vanilla is my favorite flavor as of the moment.

My sister's housemate moved out already so we decided to re-arrange the furniture.

A new look sends good vibes.

The kids used the vacant room. 

I found Coffee holding the cellphone pretending she's talking to someone. So cute!

That was for this week! 

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Weekend 19 of 2020: Top 5

Friday is Monggo Day. It's perfectly faired with fried fish.

We started doing Zumba to avoid being stagnant.

And we also did some burpees challenge every morning.

Someone has been eating Nutella.

My sister ordered Monopoly online and we got it.

We had a simple Mother's Day celebration.

It was a great weekend!

Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday Favorites: Week 19 of 2020

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites.
Tocilog for breakfast is definitely my favorite.

I love seeing this father-and-daughter bonding. Duz babysits her when I need a time out.

The kids had the chance to have a video call with their paternal grandpa. My father-in-law is a seaman and he has very limited access to the internet. We take advantage of staying connected with him when he's online.

My sister got a new pet, Birkin. She's a four-month Bischon.

Chilled taho is one of the favorites because I love soya products. The convenience store nearby sells this for 35 pesos. Taking it while watching the sunset is stunning.

Munching on to every bit of this cake down to the last bite is really fantastic.

Duz and I committed to spending a few minutes watching the sunset together while having an intimate conversation to be more intentional in our marriage.

This panorama shot is close to perfection.

Chloe's new best friend is Birkin. She joins Tita Sha when she walks Popoy at the roof deck.

This is my favorite dress of Coffee. Backless it is!

Eating leftover food isn't bad at all. Reheat is the key.

Her second upper tooth came out already.


We let her taste a popsicle to soothe her gums.

I like this graphic and I'm sure most WAHM could relate.

Pork Binagoongan is definitely a favorite ulam this week. 

Sipping coffee while looking at this view has been my daily thing. This city is our temporary shelter.

Trying to be consistent to spend even a few minutes to reconnect and reminisce the good memories.

Iced coffee and chocolate to start up my graveyard shift.

Duz turned our leftover Picadillo into an omelet. It's so delicious that it tastes close to Cheesy Beef Pinatubo of Jamaican Pattie, my favorite.

Finally, he was able to clean the aircon. We feel like the air is now fresher and cleaner.

Breadsticks and Nutella are a perfect pair.

Here are my favorite sunset shots this week.

Praise God, He sustains us all. Happy Friday, everyone!