Friday, September 28, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up: Week 38 of 2018

Sep/29/2018 - Saturday morning, I was at work. nag half day leave lang ako para maasikaso yung mga damit na dadalin namen sa retreat. Duz cooked leche flan while I packed up our things.

Sep/30/2018 - Sunday, 3 am - I woke up and prepared. Meeting time was 5:30 am at SM North. We headed to Sto. Tomas Batangas.

We arrived at Mt. Makiling before 8 am.

I'd be writing a separate post about the Marriage Retreat.

Watch out!

Friday Favorites: Week 38 of 2018

Sharing to you my favorites last week. {late post}

Monday, Chloe was with me. Normal routine: play, study and eat.

Tuesday, Duz went home earlier and we had lunch together.

Wednesday, I gave Chloe some activities while with me.

As soon as she left, I bought ice cream and enjoyed it while watching Playhouse.

Sulit sa halagang 20 pesos. 😋 And I got really hooked watching Playhouse. Nagrereplay pa ko sa YouTube kasama si Chloe. 💕

I saw this on Facebook.

Nakakatuwa lang. Nostalgia.

Thursday, I clicked some photos of Chloe before going to school.



Padila-dila 😜

I'm happy that she's growing as a happy kid.

That night, we had an orientation for our upcoming marriage retreat.

Topics :
COVENANT (The Biblical Mandates of Marriage)
CHARGE (The Biblical Roles of Husbands and Wives)

The roles of wives:

And that night, we've learned that men who have less sex suffer from loss of hearing. 😮

So much learning that night.

Friday, this girl just learned how to whistle.

And she keeps on practicing it. 😏

I gave her a copy of cute pictures so she can practice drawing.

But after awhile, ayaw na niya.

Easily distracted, poor concentration and short attention span. Those are my observations and things we need to work on.

I think she's more interested in doing crafts.

So, I have to think of activities that will catch her attention.

We're back to envelope system.

For us, this is the most effective way of budgeting.

That afternoon, we surprised our secretary at work.

At binantayan ko ang cake. 😂

It was a fun and full day.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Currently, I'm hooked in following Relationship Matters PH. Every Wednesday night at 9 pm, Richard and Maricar go live on their Facebook page to discuss a certain topic about relationships.

Pointers from their vlog:

  • Conflict does not mean failure. Hindi pala totoo na ang successful relationship is happy lagi. Some of the best relationships have really bad fights. Fights are opportunities to adjust and learn.
  • You can love but pwedeng hindi mo trust (specially sa pera). 
  • Know your worth. Know your value. Kung alam mong prinsesa ka, hindi ka pipili ng kung sino-sino.
  • Research can prevent "shocking" moments or at least lessen them.
  • Choose your mentors. Mentors should be people who successfully went through your current problems. Mentors who are older, mas experienced and kilala kayo. Find "broken" mentors, yung mga nagkamali na pero naayos nila. Don't get ninongs or ninang just for money. Choose ninong or ninang who can advise fights, problems and difficult decisions. Broken people get more practical advice.

My personal opinion:
I would tell my younger self:
  • You cannot change your husband.
  • Yung mga weaknesses ng boyfriend mo ngayon, mama-magnify yan pag mag-asawa na kayo. Ready ka ba dun?
  • Don't get married to feel complete. You must be complete and satisfied with Jesus (alone) before getting married or else your marriage will be chaotic.
  • Don't say "I want to get married because I want to be happy". That's very selfish. One of your goals in entering marriage is to make your spouse happy, not the other way around.
  • Kilig moments will soon fade. It will only last for 2 years and the rest will depend on how you exert effort on it.
  • Don't enter a relationship as an scapegoat. 
  • Don't fill the void and emptiness in your life by getting married. Only Jesus can fill that.

How about you? What would you tell your younger self?

Kindly join Relationship Matters PH's live tonight at 9 pm.