Friday, June 15, 2018

I'm Triggered

Someone told Chloe that she's bobo.

As a mom, I'm deeply hurt.

Chloe can't read as good as other kids her age. I admit it.

But I can say that she's a very independent 8-year old child. She can cook rice. She can memorize lyrics of her favorite songs in one day. She can write us letters everyday. She can wrap gifts. She can start a conversation with anyone -- young or old, janitor or CEO, girl or boy -- as in anyone.

She's academically-challenged and that's her weakness.

But she has power and strength. She's unique.

Before I went to sleep, I prayed and cried to God. It reminded me that my heavenly Father sees all my weak points and all my failures yet He always shows mercy to me. In fact, He picks me up and encourages me. That's the kind of parent I want to be.

The next day, I consulted one of our Dgroup members about what happened. She sent this prayer to me.

Let me pray for you sis: Dear Lord, you know the heart of sis Em, how she wants to protect Chloe. Allow her to forgive despite this being hard and we trust that you will protect Chloe from people who will try demean her. Please provide for the opportunity for them to have their own place, in Your perfect time. May you also reveal the plans you have for Bro Duz. WE continue to trust in your will despite us not understanding what is happening now. We submit and obey. Thank you Lord! Amen

Resulta ng larawan para sa your child's mental health is more important than their grades

Now, I keep reminding Chloe that she's beautiful and smart. And I'm trying my very best to teach her how to read. In fact -- I read the Bible with her that same night. She even documented it. By the way, she's a Vlogger wannabe. 😂

Monday, June 11, 2018

Hello Monday!

It's been raining since weekend. No classes , all levels here in QC.

Pero dahil hindi naman na ako estudyante, andito ako ngayon sa work. 😁

Ang gloomy ng weather. Sabay may nabasa pa ako na nakakapagpabagabag. Idagdag mo pa ang hormones ko na nagrerebolusyon. 😆

Nonetheless, I want to thank the Lord for this day.

I asked God to help me grow and it started raining. 

Have a great week everyone!

Feeling Betrayed

I've discovered that a friend and her other friend are talking about me. And I feel betrayed. Though there's nothing negative about me, but the idea that some people are talking about you behind your back is somehow painful. And I now hesitate opening up to her knowing that she might tell my stories to that person.

The Psalms are full of people expressing real emotions about real-life situations. The psalmists speak honestly about feeling far from God, scared for their lives, joyful beyond belief and desperate for God’s presence.
They also talk about feeling betrayed.
So when you feel let down or abandoned by someone you trust and love, check out these Psalms. Say them aloud as a cry to God for help. Read them to express your anger. Meditate on the words that remind us that even though humans are bound to disappoint us, God will always remain faithful to us.
  1. Psalm 55 
    In this Psalm, the author talks about running from his enemies. But he tells God that his is especially painful, because his enemies were once his close friends. He concludes that he must rely upon God, who is always faithful, to care for him.
    Highlight verse: 
    "Leave your troubles with the Lord, and he will defend you; he never lets honest people be defeated." (Psalm 55:22)
  2. Psalm 41 
    Here, the writer feels like troubles are coming at him from all sides. He is sick, people are saying bad things about him, and someone who was once his friend is turning against him. His only hope and consolation is in God.
    Highlight verse: 
    "They will not triumph over me, and I will know that you are pleased with me. You will help me, because I do what is right; you will keep me in your presence forever.” (Psalm 41:1112)
  3. Psalm 89
    Sometimes when you feel betrayed it’s helpful to remember God’s faithfulness. The writer of this Psalm proclaims God’s steadiness, even saying that God is “as permanent as the sky.” The author was probably in a difficult situation—he was witnessing chaos and destruction all around him. But in the midst of this, he reminds himself that God does not change—he is faithful.
    Highlight verse: 
    "I know that your love will last for all time, that your faithfulness is as permanent as the sky.” (Psalm 89:2)
  4. Psalm 125
    One of the most frightening feelings is being alone, not knowing who is on your side to defend you. This Psalm paints a picture of God’s steadiness that is the opposite of betrayal. God, who does not change, surrounds his people and protects them.
    Highlight verse: 
    "As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, now and forever.” (Psalm 125:2)
​Source: Blog.Bible