Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Weekend Wrap Up: Week 32 of 2019

Aug/09 - Friday: Pretty went with Momcy and stayed at my sister's condo over the weekend. Chloe, stayed at my MIL's place. Duz and I had a quality time together.

I had my first ever meeting with the new company.

There were 105 participants in the video call. Mostly from Manila and some from other countries. It's amazing to be working remotely.

Aug/10 - Saturday: Duz prepared my favorite breakfast - longganisa with tomato salsa.

We were so full! 😋

Aug/11 - Sunday: It was our first service at the permanent venue of CCF Tandang Sora. My heart was rejoicing as I reminisce the very first start of this church.

I had team bonding / despidida with my Kinesio team. We had dinner at Vikings Luxury Buffet at The Block SM North Edsa.

It was a fun-filled night. I will surely miss them.

We had an extra off yesterday because of the holiday. How was your weekend? Please share in the comment box.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

August 2019 Goals

It's been raining for days. Bed weather most of the time.

This post is a week late but posting it anyway.

Let's review my July goals.

  • Find a home-based job. The whole month was spent looking for a home-based job.
  • Introduce Pretty to our Dgroup and Elevate. Not yet.
  • Watch a series. I was so busy to do this. 😏
  • Go back to blogging. Getting there.
  • Write an article for AKB. Not yet. 
  • Visit a dermatologist. Yes.
  • Read to Baby Coffee. I still need to make this a habit.

Here's for August.
  • Resign formally.
  • Get hired (home-based job).
  • Finish a devotional plan.
  • Introduce Pretty to our Dgroup and Elevate.
  • Invite someone to church.
  • Watch a series during me-time.
  • Go back to blogging.
  • Write an article for AKB.
  • Get another volunteer for AKB.
  • Post new products in my online shop.
  • Meet a friend.
  • Send greeting cards via snail mail.
  • Give my sister a gift. 
  • Introduce Baby Coffee to her grandpop personally.
  • Vlog - interview Pretty and Chloe to encourage them to talk.
On my calendar this month:
I hope you're enjoying the rainy days.  Do you have goals and plans for this month? Wanna share?

Monday, July 1, 2019

July 2019 Goals

Ola!!! It's the time of the month again. 

Today is the start of the second half of the year. 

In six months, it will be 2020!!!

Time flies really fast.

First, let's review my June 2019 Goals.

  • Spend more time with the Lord to seek His will. Spent more time praying and seeking God's will but this still needs more improvement.
  • Look for home-based job. I did. I have listed some prospects.
  • Go back to blogging. I will. Now that I have a laptop and internet connection. 😉
  • Apply for Converge. Done. It was installed 3 days ago.
  • Find a babysitter. I was able to talk to a stay out babysitter but it didn't push thru.
  • Store breast milk. I started storing my breast milk in bottles.
  • Introduce Pretty to Elevate ministry. Not yet.
  • Meet at least 1 friend. I met Riz, one of my closest friends from my previous company.
  • Take care of my mental health. I tried by having accountability partners and having fellowship with my support system.

  • So here's for July 2019 Goals:

    • Find a home-based job.
    • Introduce Pretty to our Dgroup and Elevate.
    • Watch a series.
    • Go back to blogging.
    • Write an article for AKB.
    • Visit a dermatologist.
    • Read to Baby Coffee.
    On my calendar this month:
    • Dgroup celebrations
    • Lola Loly's 80th birthday

    How about you? Do you have goals and plans for this month? Wanna share?