About Me

My name is Em and I am from Manila Philippines.

This is my online diary.

If you're looking for the latest information about fashion, food, travel, you've come to the wrong place.

Here you will find a lot of grammatical & typographical errors, misspelled words, missed articles and punctuations, unorganized thoughts, blurred photos and unsolicited reviews of unknown places and products.

You will also find posts about the latest celebrity news, my goals, prayers and testimonies, my journey to becoming God's faithful servant, my ukay and other cheap finds, recipes we've tried and places we've visited, our company events, my dream to get out of the rat race and become a WAHM, online seller & travel agent, how our weekend went, rants about toxic people and life battles, our simple and frugal living, our failures and unfortunate events, marriage and parenting woes, our path towards financial freedom and great marriage, DuzEm's love story,  a little about Pretty and more of my smart-mouthed Chloe's latest antics.

Why am I blogging? To document our experiences so when I and Duz (and our kids) get old, we have something to look back. 

Simple Note: 
❤ I am fond of uploading lots of pictures in one post. 

❤ Most of the time, I don't edit my pictures because I'm feelin' lazy to do that. 

❤ I don't have time to put watermark on my pictures. You can copy it, I'm into sharing guys! BUT, ask for permission first. That's it! Really simple. 

❤ One last thing: ENJOY reading! :) 

Thanks for dropping by!
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