Friday, July 13, 2018

Thinking About Restarting This Blog

These past few days, I have thought of restarting this blog. 

Resulta ng larawan para sa restart
You see, I really love documenting or journaling however, I don't think I have enough time, energy and motivation to blog.

I searched on the differences of diary, journal and blog.

All three refer to a form of personal or individualized writings. In my opinion, a diary is a more old-fashioned term used when us baby boomers were teens. Diaries are often dated, chronological recaps of what happened during the course of a day. The term is derived from the Latin word “diarium” or daily allowance. A classic example of a diary is The Diary of Anne Frank, a personal book holding deep secrets and feelings. A journal is a type of diary where an individual documents events but it’s not necessarily opened every day. Some people have journals for different reasons — for travel, for gratitude, for book discussion or a combination of all these things. Like I mentioned, mine is a like a collage. A blog is a public and even communal forum of the diary or journal. It is a “web log,” which is where the term originates. Some bloggers document and comment on their own daily events, while others might blog less frequently and address issues of broad interest.

First, I was thinking what to do with this blog. Upon meditating, I realized that I will still stick to the name of my blog: A Day in the Life of Em. This means that this blog is focused on the random things that happen in my day. That, I need to make clear. This might look like a diary or a journal, it's just that -- this is public. This gets my thoughts and feelings in the open. Yes, it comes in the sacrifice of privacy. This is the difficult part. 

I always choose the privacy setting of my Facebook (social media I use the most) posts because I don't want everybody to know what's happening in my life. So here in my blog, I can not get to choose who could read my posts unless I put a password. I don't plan to do. So I had to think about this for the past days. I decided to push thru with blogging because not all my Facebook friends know that this blog exists. The other good thing about this is people who usually read this blog are humans who don't know me personally. If I would guess, probably 80% of my readers are people who I don't have connections with.

Lastly, I pondered on this.

Ask yourself: If your blog doesn’t make any money–will you still want to do it? This is hugely important because a blog will take a ridiculous amount of time and you need to evaluate if it’s truly worth it. I went into blogging as a hobby hoping that eventually it would make money. I’m still waiting for the money to start coming in! However, it’s turned out to be something I really enjoy so for now that’s okay. There’s no wrong answer in this; you just need to be honest and realistic with yourself.

I believe I will still blog even if it doesn't make money. Going back to my original purpose why I created this is to document our experiences so when I, my husband and our children get old, we have something to look back. And also, regular writing has mental and emotional benefits.

I'm still in the process of organizing my thoughts,  deciding my main categories and scheduling my posts.

See you in few!

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