Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up: Week 21 of 2016

May/ 28 (Saturday) -- Duz and I went to CCF and attended Glorious Hope

Glorious Hope is a recovery program that helps people deal with their personal issues by gradually uncovering deeply buried childhood hurts that greatly affect how they view themselves, others, their circumstances, and consequently, how they behave.
It presents a systematic process that helps people identify and resolve issues that are manifestations of deep-seated hurts as a result of their family dynamics. Learning this process is a lifelong skill that eventually becomes a lifestyle that greatly benefits those who have gone through the program.

Last May 7th, I attended the orientation. 


I missed the following 2 Saturdays after that. It was Duz first time to join GH. Ako, makakahabol pa. Magme-make up class ako para dun sa mga topics na namiss ko. Duz will join the next batch. Sa sobrang dami ng participants this year, nag-open agad sila ng another batch that will start on July 2. Dati, once a year lang ang program na 'to. Pero marami pang gustong humabol, mag-oopen agad ng another batch to accommodate them. Maganda kasi talaga na maumpisahan at as much as possible, hindi mag-aabsent. If I'm not mistaken, it will run for 17 weeks.


If you want to join the program or you know someone who needs it, please click this link.

Butch Mossesgeld 0939-924-4596
Susan Rodriguez
Lyn de Leon

FB Page: Glorious Hope

After the program, Duz and I had a quick dinner at Robinsons Galleria Food Court before going home. 


It was an instant date. Haha.

May/ 29 (Sunday) -- I had to do the laundry.
 Nag-live stream lang ako sa CCF.


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