Monday, November 23, 2015

The Big Give Project

Every year, we have what we call "The Big Give Project". Each division in our company will choose one charity. We do fundraising for a cause.

This year, our chosen charity is the Cebu City Task Force on Street Children.

I was one of the volunteers who helped with the bazaar in the office.

Eve and I was busy last weekend in making the desserts and sandwiches. 

We had a booth in our pantry where we sell food and other items for a cause.

I hope we win this year.

Have you done fundraising in the past?


  1. What your company is doing to pay it forward is admirable. Kami sa church lang nakakapagbigay, at sa mga charity projects ng friends namin paminsan minsan. :)

    1. Thanks Edel. Yes, every year to ginagawa ng company namen.