Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Homemade Avocado Ice Cream + Quiet Time

A bit late because I'm busy reviewing Chloe for her upcoming exams.

Here you go...

Friday shift, mentors were invited to CCS Batch 23's graduation party. Photos from Carrel Cruz.


Thank you for the free lunch. Welcome to the real world Batch 23!

Saturday morning, I went to Puregold - Fairview Terraces and bought few groceries. 

After lunch, we watched The Miracle Worker (1962). via

The story of Anne Sullivan's struggle to teach the blind and deaf Helen Keller how to communicate.

Beautiful black-and-white cinematography. It inspired me to teach my kids and never give up on them.

In the afternoon, I started reviewing Chloe with her lessons.

Momi: Words that start with letter Ii. Ink. Igloo. Iguana. India. Indiana. Inside. Insect. Italy. Invitation. Injection.
Dadi: Eagle!
Momi: Dadi!!!! Tumigil ka jan. Malilito yung bata.

I feel grumpy when I'm sleep deprived so I called it a night.

In the morning, I cooked champorado.

We had this simple ulam for lunch.

Sunday was spent doing our usual stuff, laundry, general cleaning, cooking and eating. I spent few hours reviewing Chloe again.

We watched Kid Kulafu while Chloe took he afternoon nap. Manny Pacquiao's life is really inspiring.


By the way, we made homemade Avocado Ice Cream.

Again, my picture doesn't do it justice.

When it's chilled, it looks like this.


Monday, at around 2:30 am - I was wide awake. Ahh…free time with God.

I remember how our mom would pray for us while we are sleeping. She would wake up earlier, lay her hands to us and declare God's promises. Few years after, here I am doing the same thing. Thank God I have a praying mother who molded me to be a praying woman/mom/wife I am today.

In my life, every waking moment is spent in a whirlwind. Noise is all around me in the forms of singing, humming, blabbering, screaming, or fighting. My world and body clock is turned upside down. I wake up at 7 pm, prep for work and rush to the office. During weekdays, I do my quiet time on my way to work. I pray while I'm on a bus or inside the FX. I bring my Prayer Request list and I use that whenever I'm praying in a public vehicle. I call it "Quick Quiet Time". Instead of sleeping, I pray. It's the start of my "day" (technically it's night time in the Philippines) so I better start spending time with God.

That's why I love Sunday and Monday mornings. I feel like I'm a normal person. I wake up early and I play some of my favorite worship songs then I start reading the Bible. I meditate on His word and pray. I usually finish my quiet time when the sun is up. 

By that time, I should be cooking our breakfast. 

Monday, I spent few hours helping Chloe with her lessons before sending her to school. Duz and I watched Son of God.


The life story of Jesus is told from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

I got curious of the actor so I googled him. Diogo Morgado is a native Portuguese actor who may be best known for his portrayal of Jesus Christ.


He looks different.

Anyway, exams are officially starting as of tomorrow. 

Earlier, while Chloe and I were on our way to school..

Momi: Nak, mag-aral ka mabuti ha. Makinig ka kay teacher kasi mag-re-review kayo para sa exams niyo tomorrow.
Chloe: Ano po yun?
Momi: Quiz.
Chloe: Ano po yun?
Momi: Test. Yung bibigyan kayo ni teacher ng paper na may mga questions tapos sasagutan niyo tapos che-check-an niya. Dapat maraming check para pumasa ka. Pag maraming eks, bagsak ka.
Chloe: (running away while humming)

I don't think she has full comprehension of what it is. 

Na-pi-pressure tuloy ako. Akala ko tapos na ako sa pag-aaral at pagre-review. In fact, sa sobrang kaba ko, nag-leave ako today para matutukan siya sa pag-aaral.

That's all for now. Prayers for a wonderful week!


  1. Hi, I haven't seen Son of God just yet but I've seen the whole series The Holy Bible. It's a mini-series from Hallmark. It's where they took the story of Jesus from, hence the Son of God.

    The Holy Bible series is a complete account from the creation until the writing of the book of Revelation.

    1. Hope I have enough time to watch the series. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Chloe will grow up to be a studious girl dahil sa tiyaga mo magturo sa kanya. Good job, Em.

    P.S. Sana mahinog na ang mga avocados ng PIL ko. Gusto ko rin ng avocado ice cream!!! :)

    1. Thank you gurl. Let us know kapag na ka-gawa ka na ng avocado ice cream. Dame naman tanim ng PIL mo. Dati yung santol di ba?

  3. I remember nung bata pa ako, Nanay loves that avocado with condensed and ice blocks no?! Hehe.

    1. Yup, ganyan din mama ko... favorite din niya.

  4. Pichi pichi and avocado!!!



    1. I love pichi-pichi gurl... avocado hindi masyado kaya hindi ako nakiki-agaw kina Duz at Chloe. Hehe...

  5. Avocado ang favorite flavor namin sa ice cream pero yung binibili lang sa supermarket. Di ko pa na tatry ang home-made. Parang gusto kong gumawa. Thanks for the idea.