Sunday, July 19, 2015

Friday Favorites: Week 29 (with video)

Motivation and encouragement have been in short supply lately.  Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep a positive attitude when you can’t seem to get your career going, your kids can sometimes be… less than respectful, and more doors closed than are opened.  

Often in life, I turn to the Bible to help me.  Passages from the Bible pulled me through many of my anxiety problems, parenting and marital issues, and general life situations from managing money to dealing with other people.  So, why not this?  

Here's a list of my FAVORITE Bible verses. Photos from Google.

Moving on, here's my random list for this week.
numbers clipart : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers - Number One
My FAVORITE great find on my FB news feed - I printed this and posted on the wall of our apartment.

numbers clipart : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers - Number Two
Team Shindig had team lunch. Duz cooked our FAVORITE sisig, kare-kareng bagnet and lechon kawali. I brought coffee jelly for dessert. They enjoyed the food. Yung iba nga gusto ng ampunin si Duz dahil masarap daw luto niya. Others suggested na kapag may event sa department namen, kame na lang daw mag-catering. Why not?

 numbers clipart : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers - Number Three
My FAVORITE cheap find - few days ago, I posted this. I saw these rain boots at the wet market. Zalora's price is P499. If I remember it correctly, I can get a pair for less than P300 if I buy from the market near us. Same na same. Promise!

 numbers clipart : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers -  Number Four
My FAVORITE time with Duz - going to the wet market.  It's a challenge to stick to the budget, plan meals and maximize our resources but we're having fun.

numbers clipart 5 : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers -  Number Five

Chloe's FAVORITE toy - she got sick and to keep herself busy, she played with the plastic pot holder that I recently bought. Kala niya puppet :)

numbers clipart 6 : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers -  Number Six Illustration
FAVORITE time alone - I went to the supermarket without Duz and Chloe. Napansin ko kasi, lumalaki yung gastos kapag kasama sila. Kung anu-ano kasi dinadagdag nila na wala sa market list ko. 

numbers clipart 7 : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers -  Number Seven Illustration
FAVORITE baon - tuna sandwich. And I have prepared more for our breakfast.
 numbers clipart 8 : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers - Number Eight Illustration
Duz' FAVORITE pang-gu-good time kay Chloe. Sutil na tatay! :)

 numbers clipart 9 : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers - Number Nine
FAVORITE treat this week - free lunch c/o our Team Leader. We had lunch at CocoHut as part of our celebration for getting good Q2 scores.

Image result for number 10 clip art

That's it. Sorry for posting this late.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 

Stay blessed!


  1. Extra income from cooking food for a group? Why not? Okay yan, sis. And those rain boots, I need to get a pair, tag-ulan na. :)

    1. Edel, yan nga sideline namen dito sa office. Minsan desserts naman dinadala ko. Di pa ako nakakabili ng rain boots. Never pa pala... Plano ko pa lang ngayon :)