Saturday, July 11, 2015

Friday Favorites: Week 28 (with video)

It's weekend again peeps!

This week, we've tried few crazy recipes. Fattening? Yes. Yummy? Oh yeah!

First, Kare-Kareng Bagnet.

What happens when you combine two classic Filipino dishes? You get the best of both worlds: the crispy and juicy meat of lechon kawali and the delectably nutty sauce of kare-kare. Delish!

I never I appreciated Kare-Kare until I've tasted Duz' version.

Sinigang na Bagnet!

This dish has a sour taste best to serve during rainy and cold season.

Crispy Dinuguan!!!

It tastes like your ordinary dinuguan except that the pork is cooked like the Crispy Lechon Kawali way.


And we've eaten a lot of avocados recently. It is incredibly delicious. It contains more potassium than bananas and it's loaded with fiber.

By the way, pictures above are not mine. My pictures don't give justice on how delicious they are. I borrowed them from the web. I tried my best to use photos that look really close to our version. Photo credits to the owner.

Moving on, here's my random list for this week.

numbers clipart : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers - Number One
Monday morning looked like this. Haha.

We spent an hour studying her lessons. It got me frustrated somehow and it's not my FAVORITE feeling as a mom.

Duz took the book and taught Chloe his way. Naku pow. Mas highblood pa sakin ang lolo niyo. But Chloe takes it more seriously if her Dad is the one teaching her. Pag ako kasi, pa-banjing-banjing lang. Kay Duz, takot siya kaya iniisip muna ang isasagot sa mga tanong.

Though it was raining cats and dogs, I sent her to school.
numbers clipart : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers - Number Two
I went to Fairview Terraces and did some grocery shopping. It's my FAVORITE Puregold branch because it looks more elegant than other branches. I run errands on Monday morning because there are few shoppers than the regular days.

numbers clipart : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers - Number Three
Since it's the rainy season, it's difficult to do the laundry. Here are my FAVORITE products to keep our clothes smelling fresh.
numbers clipart : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers -  Number Four
I always get confused of  vegetables so I snapped pictures of my FAVORITE pampalasa - to remember what they are called. Clockwise: pandan, parsley, celery and onion leeks. 
numbers clipart 5 : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers -  Number Five

 I love to window shop whenever I'm alone. It's my FAVORITE thing to do when I'm in the grocery, supermarket or mall. What I do, I check prices and compare them. I'll think of it over and over. I will save for it before I make the final decision and buy it.

Duz told me he needs wire whisk. I didn't know it costs an arm and leg. Gosh!!!

numbers clipart 6 : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers -  Number Six Illustration
This is my new FAVORITE pair. 

numbers clipart 7 : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers -  Number Seven Illustration
I'm glad Duz took time to arrange our back area, his FAVORITE part of our small abode. He decided to put linoleum and cut growing leaves. Now it's all cleared up.

numbers clipart 8 : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers - Number Eight Illustration
I hate rainy days specially when I need to go to work. It's so hassle. Not my FAVORITE.

But these two love and enjoy the rain together.

numbers clipart 9 : ABC series - Water Liquid Numbers - Number Nine

I did some DIY shirts. So far, it's my FAVORITE personalized idea. I'll show you the final outcome soon.

Image result for number 10 clipart
Chloe's current FAVORITE toy - Barbie. It's the first time I bought her a doll. Hindi kasi ako pala-bili ng toys. I'm teaching her to play outside. I always tell her she doesn't really need to own a lot of toys. We'd rather buy books or food. But one day, I bought one. Yung mumurahin lang. P40 ko lang nabili pero tuwang-tuwa naman siya.

Image result for number 11 clipart

My FAVORITE video this week. Hindi ko yan tinuruan. Ambilis ng mga bata maka-absorb ng mga napapanood sa TV.

That's it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

God bless us all!


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  1. Sarap naman nyan sis and sinamahan pa ng favorite kong dessert, Avocado!