Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Prayer Mountain

Saturday after shift, I went home to prepare our things. We had our quick breakfast and left the house right away. We dropped by at the supermarket to buy food. We only bought breads and biscuits.

We arrived at Gethsemane Prayer Mountain at around 12 noon.

We rested inside our room for a couple of hours.

Chloe and her dad spent time outside running and enjoying the nature.

I, with girls went to the Prayer Cell. We had our time with God.

The rest of the day were spent sharing our spiritual journey with the Lord.

We slept at around 7 pm.

Early morning, we went up to the mountains. We were a little late to catch the sunrise but it was still awesome. I found my own place to spend my quiet time.

We left Gethsemane Prayer Mountain before noon.

We were home at lunch time. Duz cooked lechon kawali.

Monday morning, he turned Lechon Kawali into a glorious Pork Binagoongan.

Duz loves to wow me with his cooking skills and when he does - I feel loved.

Anyway, I'll be sharing a separate post about Gethsemane Prayer Mountain (rates, how to get there, etc.)

Happy Monday!


  1. Nice way of spending time with your family.

    1. Yes, Gladys. First time namen pumunta as a family. Before, I was with churchmates.