Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Warp Up - Karaoke Party and Father's Day

Saturday morning, right after our Friday shift, we went to our teammate's house in SSS Village - North Fairview. We waited for the other team members who had late shift. While waiting, we watched Master Chef until we were starving.

At 10 am, we were complete.

We had our breakfast bought from Burger King and Jollibee.

After eating, we divided the team into two groups. We played "Kantanong". 

Listening to a song and trying to guess the title was so difficult pala. Haha...

We sang to our hearts out for almost two hours or so.

It was a fun day. Karaoke Party was our first activity under our Work-Life Balance Program.

Sunday afternoon, an unexpected rain was experienced.

Duz and Chloe jumped out and enjoyed the rainfall.

We celebrated Father's Day in a low key manner. We bought chips and watched Left Behind movie.

Again, happy Father's day to you Dadi!

Monday morning, we had our homemade Everlasting. 

Today is Chloe's first day in school. My toddler is excited.

How was your weekend?


  1. Karaoke party is always fun. What's everlasting? Parang hindi ako familiar pero mukhang ang sarap ng niluto nyo, hehe. :)

    1. Everlasting dish, better known as Marikina style meatloaf, which has a similarity
      of ingredients to that of "Embutido".

  2. I had a very busy weekend.. =) We have not celebrated Father's Day pa kasi I thought it's on 21st eh =(

    1. Hindi ko nga rin alam na Father's day. hapon na nung nalaman ko. Hehe...

  3. Nice bonding to end up your weekends! By the way, where did you buy the best karaoke player? I also love singing that's why I'm searching for the player.