Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Father's Day

Happy Monday guys!

How was your weekend?

Last Friday, I was on leave. I had extra day off with my family. Saturday, I spent my time doing household chores and cuddling with Chloe. She was so happy I slept beside her Friday night. She thought, I just did't go to work to give in to her request. She kept on saying "Yehey, nag-absent si Momi." Eventually, I admitted to her that I filed a leave. She probably didn't understand it but I tried my best to explain that it's not a good thing to be absent at work. Like her teacher, my boss will be mad if I do that. For the nth time, I tried my best to let her know why I have to go to work. I assured her that if Momi's given a chance -- I would love to sleep beside her every night. 

Sunday, we dressed up and went to church. 

Instagram media by iloveduz - Jun/21/2015 (Sun) - off to church

Instagram media by iloveduz - Jun/21/2015 (Sun) - excited to go to Sunday school

We attended service at Victory Nova. It was a gloomy day so we were not able to travel and go to CCF. Victory Nova is one tricycle away from us. The message is all about Cross Training. 4 important things to have healthy spiritual life:

1. Prayer
2. Word
3. Giving
4. Fasting

It rained in the afternoon so we ended up watching TV.

I posted this on my FB to celebrate how my brother ended up becoming a good father to his onbly son. Source

This is not a Hallmark Card Father's Day type message. This Father's Day message is for all of us who have, or had, strained, troubled, broken or abusive relationships with dear old dad. If your dad is a great one, count your lucky stars. You don't need to read on. Go enjoy him. Love him and celebrate him. Just don't judge those of us who struggle with Father's Day because we had something far less than "Father Knows Best," for a dad.

Whether your dad abandoned you, verbally abused you, molested you, hit you, or just disapproved of you, many of us have found Father’s Day a difficult day on the calendar. When I was younger I remember not being able to buy a Father’s Day card to mail to my dad, because the words in all of them weren’t true. What do you say to a father you have never lived with, whom you don't see for years, and who doesn’t really know you? There just aren’t cards for that. And I know many of you have felt the same thing.

If you have father issues, chances are the rest of your family also has issues. Your siblings may be messed up. Your mother may be needy.

And we often carry guilt for a lot of these things (even if it’s not our fault). We’re still trying to fix our family of origin, and we get sucked in to drama that is ultimately caused by a dysfunctional father.

If we try to step back, we can be blamed by siblings or by our mother. Loyalty became a huge thing, because “we had to stick together” to get through this with dad.

Sometimes when you have a difficult childhood you run hard in the other direction: you marry a good person; you become an amazing parent; you prioritize relationships.

"I knew from my dad what I didn’t want and I made sure I found what I did want.”

It turned out that my brother became a good father to his son. Praise God! Good job Kuya Shane!

Maybe this Father's Day you'll forgive your dad (alive or dead).

Possibly this Father's Day you'll love your dad.
Perhaps this Father's Day you'll find something, one thing, to respect about your dad.
However, at the very least, do whatever you can to somehow, in some way, show him some honor.
Even if he doesn't deserve it -- do it for yourself, do it for your kids, do it for God.

May we all be blessed with fathers we not only honor but we love. At the very least, may we all be blessed to be sons and daughters that do our very best to show our dad, whether in life or death, deserving or not, a sense of honor on this Father's Day.

Have an Honorable Father's Day!

Inside the Alejandrino's apartment, here's what was going on.

Uh-oh, someone's hair is in trouble.

Cheers to all the dads out there who will do literally anything to make their daughters happy - including nail polish and hairstyling. Haha!

While they were busy doing that, I prepared the cupcake toppers. When I got home, they were asleep so I immediately assembled my DIY cupcakes.

They were both delighted to see my simple treat.

No fancy dinner, no fancy cake, no fancy gift. But, it's the thought that counts, right?

In the spirit of being frugal and saving time, it's easy, inexpensive and mess-free.

Instead of buying a cake for Father's day that will roughly cost P400, I opted to do DIY cupcakes. Total cost is around P50!!! 

6 cupcakes - P37 
Toppers (print) - P15 
Toothpick and scotch tape

We capped off the weekend by watching the Cinderella movie and we hit the sack.

Monday morning around 3 am, I was wide awake. I was able to do some household chores and my quiet time.

That's it!

Have a great week ahead.


  1. We went to Imus Cathedral last weekend, malling din at relax-relax sa haus. Very nice family OOTDs. Sana sipagin din ako magdress up (for work and for going out) kagaya mo. Mahilig nga din pala ako sa dresses, very comfy at effortless kasi. Hehe. :)

    1. Edel, nakita ko nga sa IG mo yung church, ang ganda. Effortless nga anf dress, kesa sa top & bottom. Minsan natatagalan ako sa mix and match, kaya ang ending - dress na lang. As much as possible, pinapraktis ko na naka-dress when going to church. Yung traditional at conservative type.

  2. Indeed! It's the thought that counts. Sometimes, those celebrations were the best!! You have yourselves to each other., =)

    1. Yes Jen... bonus na lang kapag maraming handa... hehe...

  3. Hindi din kame naghanda nung Father's Day as in normal day lang. Sana pala ng ready din ako ng ganyang cupcake, nice. Kaya lang hindi mahilig sa matamis partner ko so malamang kame lang din kakain. Tapos waley pa sahod, so stay lang talaga sa bahay.


    1. Next time, try it sis... kung hindi siya mahilig sa cupcakes - kayo na lang ng twins mo kumain... hehe... or think of something na mai-eenjoy din ni hubby.

  4. It's a well-spent vacation leave, especially on Father's day.Glad you guys had a great time!