Saturday, May 9, 2015

Friday Favorites: Week 19

Technically, it's Saturday morning in Manila. However, my body clock follows Eastern Standard Time, so it's still Friday for me! :)

Here are a few random things that I love this fabulous Friday...

FAVORITE thing - Eiffel tower. I had this on my wish list and Duz gave me this pair of earrings as birthday gift.

It's now my FAVORITE accessory.
I started my Eiffel collection and I'm hoping it grows over time.
I searched on IG, #eiffeltower. This is my FAVORITE. It has the infinity symbol, Eiffel tower and the word "love".

My FAVORITE place after church - Salad Bar!!!
Buko Pandan is definitely my FAVORITE!!!

After service, we always go to the supermarket and I can't resist the temptation of this place.


Newest fun find - Quake Overload Caramel Craze. I'm in the middle of a love affair with caramel. It's my FAVORITE flavor. I will always choose it over others.
A friend from Bulacan gave me Chicharon. It's one of Duz' FAVORITES. We paired it with Ensaladang Talong. Yummy!!!
The friend who gave me chicharon will dedicate her baby on Sunday. Freijah, you will be my FAVORITE goddaughter.
On that note, here's another baby. My FAVORITE cousin gave birth to her 7th child. Yes, 7th! And she's only 34 years old. How can it be?! Haha. She preferred giving birth at home.
Nivea Big Sale started on May 1 and will end today (May 9). I bought few of my FAVORITE products to take advantage of the low prices.

My FAVORITE hairstyle when I'm at work is this Mermaid Braid.
But when I'm at home, I put my hair all up together. It's freakin' hot these past few days so I can't let my hair down.
My FAVORITE time of the day is when I get home, lay down and listen to my FAVORITE music.
And I got myself a new headset with my FAVORITE color - yellow!

I was craving for "biko" since the start of May. I can't find any store near our place that sells kakanin. So yesterday, Duz decided to cook it for me.
Because of my terrible craving, I almost finished the whole pan. Haha!  Mango Flavored Sticky Rice is ultimately my FAVORITE!


We have free lunch for today's shift! Of course, it's our FAVORITE time at work ;)
Last, this is my FAVORITE Mother's Day related post. So true!!!


Happy weekend guys. To all the mamas out there, have a wonderful Mother's Day!


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