Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites: # 6 - Blue Eyes and Coloring Time

I’m severely sleep deprived and I’m actually not 100% sure if this is real life or a dream. Am I still typing? Alright, let’s get on with it. 
My FAVORITE color for contact lens is this Aqua Blue that I bought from Verona Optical Shop. For P400 (for 3 months), it's a good deal.

Want a more close up look?

There you go.
I've been wearing eyeglasses for three months since my eyes got severely irritated back in January. When I was planning to buy contact lenses, I asked Duz' opinion. He said, he wanted my blue eyes back just like what I used to wear when we became a couple.

Anyway, I am more responsible now. I remove my contact lens right away as soon as I get home and wear eyeglasses during weekends.
Next, my FAVORITE bonding time with Chloe this past few days is coloring time.

I hate drawing but I love coloring.

I finished most of the pages of Chloe's coloring book. Haha.

I feel like an expert whenever I compare it to her. *wink*
I'm planning to buy more coloring books. They are cheap and useful.
That's it.
This weekend, my friends and I are planning to do house tripping in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan. The rest of the weekend, I'd probably stay alone at home cause Chloe might go to Baguio with Momcy and her ate Pretty while Duz go to work.
Any plans for this weekend?



  1. Don't forget to remove those lenses ha? =)
    Anyhow, we'll be attending the Jollitown tomorrow and that would make our weekends I guess. Wala pang masyadong plan hehehe

    1. Yup. I'll use my eyeglasses more often.

      I wanted to go to Jollitown din, kaya lang may mga plans na nauna. Sayang. Next time siguro.

  2. Nice sis, ako gusto ko ung brown lang na contacts.


    1. Yes, nice din ang brown sis. Close to natural look.

  3. Oh hey I was born in SJDM Bulacan!
    Btw, nice contacts! I never got to use one since I don't need it. But for fashion sake sometimes I want to try it!

    1. Hello Viviene! Do you still live in SJDM? Try wearing contact lens for special occasions.

  4. Bagay sayo, sis! Hindi pa ako naka-try magsuot ng contact lenses, ever. Parang ang cool, pero tamad kasi ako, baka makatulog ako na hindi naaalis yan, delikado raw diba. :)

    1. Edel, yes delikado makatulog while wearing it. It happened to me few times. Kaya ngayon, pagdating ng bahay tinatanggal ko na agad. Nage-eyeglasses na lang ako.