Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 7: Wrap Up

 Week 7: Feb/09/2015 to Feb/15/2015

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Week 7

Feb/09 (Mon) - Monday morning routine - walked around Maligaya Park. this picture was taken in front of Fairview Terraces.

When we went back home, I slept almost the whole day.

Feb/10 (Tues) - Tuesday morning, we went to Carl's burial. Carl was Chloe's friend who died because of Leukemia. I talked to his mom and I shared my thoughts on losing a child here.
Feb/11 (Wed) - Chloe showed us her dancing skills. Thokz visited us. They had one-on-one conversation.
May chaperone kame ni Duz :)

After dinner, they went home and I went to work.
Feb/13 (Fri) - Hoarding!!!

Got all of these for less than P200 :D

In the afternoon, Chloe and I went to Ate Ina's house to rest while Duz and Mark (his bestfriend)  moved our things to our new apartment.

Here's Chloe and Thea.

Feb/14 (Sat) - It was my first time to go home to our new apartment coming from the office. Nakakpanibago pa pero masaya. I rested for few hours.
Di pa kame nakakapag-ayos. Sobrang bare pa nung place.

Before sunset, we brought Chloe to my cousin (Ate Arbie) para makapag-date kame ni Alejandrino :)

After the concert, nag-dinner lang kame then we went home to our new apartment.
Feb/15 (Sun) - Early morning, we went to Ate Arbie's place to fetch Chloe.
We had quick breakfast then travelled to Tarlac with Tita Minda.
Chloe was so excited to travel and go to the province.

We arrived at Tito Mario's house at around 2 pm. They live in Camiling, Tarlac. We had lunch then strolled around the place. We slept for few hours then had dinner.
After dinner, tumulong kame mag-pack ng desserts.

Bago mag hating-gabi, nag-katay sila Duz ng limang manok.
Tapos, tulugan na... May handaan kinabukasan :)

I'll make kwento about our short vacation in Tarlac.

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