Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Love to the Max: Part 2 of Day 2 (Testimony Edition)

After breakfast, we returned to our room and took power nap. At 9 am, we were back to the function hall for the last session. The topic was all about Leaving a Godly Legacy. I'll discuss it further on a separate post.  After the discussion and a short debrief with our small group, we had our lunch.

While eating, the stage was opened for people who wanted to share their learning and/or testimony. Nakakatuwa. Nakaka-bless. And daming nag-punta sa stage para mag-share. May mga newlyweds, as in 1 month pa lang. Meron din mga seniors citizens na married for more than 25 years na.

Then, we were given a bottle of wine courtesy of Ace Hotel & Suites.

By the way, this was my lunch. It was delicious.
In fairness sa Ace, lahat ng food na natikman ko - masarap. Hindi puchu-puchu.

Going back to sharing, dahil masaydo kameng mahiyain ni Duz, hindi kame nag-volunteer. So dito ko na lang ish-share ang testimony namen.

Tuesday that week, I texted Bro. Mon Escobar asking about the seminar. We met him nung first time namen umattend sa CCF. He assisted us when we were in the Welcome Center. After few hours, I received a call from him.  Good news - we were sponsored!!! P6500 kasi ang registration fee for this seminar. Sabi niya sakin, "Basta pumunta kayo sa Saturday. Magdala lang kayo ng damit."

On the same day, Duz did something worse. I won't go into details. Tuesday night, we didn't talk.

Wednesday, silent treatment pa rin. He wrote letters. May nakadikit sa pinto pagdating ko. Paggising ko, may letter ulit na nakadikit sa mirror. Basta ako, hindi kumibo. Walang usap-usap.

Thursday, I met our Dgroup leaders for counselling. Sabi ko sakanila, hesitant ako na umattend ng seminar kasi parang naho-hopeless-an na ko kay Duz. But they pushed me na tumuloy because it was perfect timing and they believed that there will be a breakthrough after the retreat.

Friday, I told Duz that we're going to attend the seminar so he can prepare our stuff. He didn't ask a question.

Saturday, when we were on our way to the hotel, he asked me san daw ako nakakuha ng pambayad. That's when I told him na may nag-sponsor. Hindi siya makapaniwala. Me naman - all along, I thought it was Bro. Mon Escobar.

Sunday morning, Bro. Mon Escobar told us that he'll introduce us to our sponsor. Dun ko lang nalaman na hindi pala siya ang nag-sponsor sa amin. Kinwento niya sa amin kung anong nangyari. He got a call/text from his friend Butch saying "Mag-sponsor ako ng isang couple. Kahit sino." Then he received my text inquiring about the seminar, kaya tinawagan niya ako at sinabi na - basta pumunta lang kame and he didn't mention anything about the payment.

Ang galing ni Lord, di ba? Nakaka-amaze talaga. Walang coincidence. Everything was orchestrated by God. Just when we need it most, He provided.
Dahil sa sobrang na-blessed ako sa mga nangyari, I told Duz that in the future, mag-sponsor din kame ng isang couple. Para ma-experience din nila ang na-experience namen.
I hope, somehow you're blessed with our testimony.


  1. Wow, galing! God works in mysterious ways talaga. I like your attitude, Em. Paying it forward, that is. :)

    1. Thanks Edel. If we have a good experience, we want others to experience it too.

  2. It's amazing how God works talaga anoh Em? Nakaka blessed talaga ang kwento nyo and you want din to share your blessings sa ibang couple para mas matibay pa yung kanilang marriage at ma blessed din sila sa experience na yun.

    1. Thanks Joy. Isa lang yan sa napaka-daming miracles ni Lord sa buhay namen.