Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Double Date With Our Disciplers

Last Feb/12, two days before Valentine's Day - we had a double date with our Dgroup leaders.
We joined a Dgroup in CCF and it's lead by a couple - Saro & Tin.
They live near our place so it's very convenient for us to meet.
Before we proceed, pa-selfie nga muna :)

A little closer.

At isa pa.

Tama na!!! =)
So, going back.... Before my night shift, we met our Dgroup leaders at Fairview Terraces.
We decided to eat at S&R New York Style Pizza.

We had Combo pizza (P129/slice).

Cheeseburger (P119)

And coffee & cake (P129)

By the way, may chaperone kame ;)

After eating, Chloe and I accompanied Tin. She wanted to surprise her husband with gifts on their wedding anniversary.
We visited few stores. While Tin was shopping, I snapped few photos of Chloe.
She wanted to dance with the mannequin daw. So sige...
I found few cute items inside this store.
After a while, we met our husbands at J.CO.
Nag one-on-one din kasi ang mga boys

We spent few minutes to chat and pray while this girl was waiting for us.
That's it. It was a short time. Medyo bitin, pero sulit naman. I know we will have more double dates in the future.
After that, they went home and I went to work.
Saro & Tin, thanks for treating us. May God bless you more!















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