Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pastor's Wife Testimony (Video)

I watch this video over and over again. I see myself in her and in preparation of my future (because I have faith in God that He will also transfor my husband), I listen to her story repeatedly. I'm so blessed with her testimony. Truly, nothing is impossible with God.
Be ready to be moved!

What do you to a husband who is a drunkard and a drug addict? What do you do when discover that he is having not one but multiple affairs? What do you do when he aims a gun at you and your children? I suffered these from my husband’s hands for 10 long tortuous years.
I grew up with parents who were married to their careers.  My parents thought that material things would make up for their absence. I was a quiet, uncomplaining, and easy to please daughter but I deeply longed for love.
At 13, I thought I found that love in our neighbor who was my greatest crush. He eventually became my boyfriend. 5 years later, my parents got the biggest shocks of their lives when I told them I was pregnant. My parents disliked my boyfriend so we lived with his parents. I thought fatherhood will change my boyfriend but it did not. To my disappointment, he got into drugs, spent his time with friends, and came home in the wee hours of the morning. There were nights that I would be awakened by hospital or police station calls. He was detained several times for cases of robbery.
Prior to this, he was also involved in a gang rape and murder case.
No amount of tears could make him change.  My everyday routine was wait, cry and pray.  I was constantly seeking and longing for peace but there was none to be found.
I was invited by my sister-in-law to attend a CCF Valle Verde worship service in 1995 where she shared her testimony.  At the end of the service, I decided to accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. I realized God was the answer I was searching for all this time. I found joy and peace.
We were eventually married after 5 years of living together. You would think that my husband will change but he did not. The night before our wedding, he admitted to having relationships with several other women. Most of them were live-in relations.
His last relationship was the most painful. He asked for some time to end the affair. I granted his request.  I befriended the woman in the hopes that they will pity me. My husband would not come home and she would confirm that he was with her. He articulated his affections to her in my presence. Her photos were everywhere – in his cell phone, wallet, organizer and car. He mistakenly called me sweetheart when our term of endearment is baby. The realization that my husband loved the other woman more pierced my heart. The pain was unbearable. During the affair, I cried silently and lifted all my sadness to the Lord.
He wanted to get an annulment. I kept it from my family and friends because I wanted to protect my husband and family. I only shared this with my DGroup.  My family and friends eventually learned the truth. They pressured me to get an annulment that I almost gave in.
Our sovereign God’s love gave me the grace to love my husband unconditionally.  His mercy and forgiveness taught me to pardon my husband. I continued to submit and serve my husband. There was no bitterness, anger and hatred in my heart. I never gave up. I waited patiently and remained hopeful that God will restore my marriage. Whenever I turned to God and His Word, He gently reminded me of His many promises. His promises gave me so much comfort. I trusted that with Him, nothing is impossible.
My Dgroup prayed unceasingly for my husband’s affair to end. The woman got pregnant twice but both pregnancies ended in miscarriages. She eventually married a foreigner.
While still apart from each another, my husband was charged with frustrated homicide. That was his lowest point. I fetched him from the police station without any second thoughts.  This opened an opportunity for us to be together again. It is as if the past 3 years did not happen. I kept all the hurts to myself and treated him with kindness. There were moments when I would see him quiet and lonely. When I asked him if he missed his mistress, he answered yes. But I never gave up on him.
Not long after he started joining me in my Bible studies, Sunday worship services, and dawn watches.  It was in a dawn watch that the Holy Spirit touched his heart.  For the first time, I saw him broken before the Lord. He was praying from his heart and crying non-stop.  He asked God for forgiveness and surrendered his life to Jesus.
After three years of separation, God restored our marriage. He changed and healed my husband. It was far more than what I had originally prayed for.  He no longer smokes, does drugs, says foul words, and spends time drinking with his friends. He is not a violent womanizer anymore.  God has transformed him to a very affectionate, thoughtful, patient and loving husband.  My husband developed an eagerness to serve the Lord. He transitioned from being a regular church attendee to Dgroup leader to youth pastor to CCF Taytay’s pastor. God is truly good!
I thank God for leading me to wise decisions. First is when I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. Second is choosing to hold on to God’s promise that He will restore my marriage. God is faithful to those who wait patiently on Him, seek His guidance, and obey Him.
My name is Dawn Marie Urquico, mother of 3 children, a pastor’s wife.
To God be all the glory, honor and praise.

Hope you were blessed too.

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