Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Betrayal. An abandonment or violation of trust by someone close to

I was rejected and abandoned by someone very close to me, someone I trusted closely with secrets, struggles, and victories in life. The pain of the betrayal was intense, and I longed to be understood by colleagues and others close to me.

But the expectation in the Christian community to have it altogether made the betrayal even more unbearable.

We often respond to abandonment or betrayal in anger, by dwelling on the circumstances. We often seek to get even or make our betrayers suffer intensely for how they've wronged us. Through Jesus' example, though, we see a proper model of how to handle betrayal.

If we have been betrayed by someone close to us—and eventually we all will—our first response should be to cry out to Jesus who loves us, pursues us, and intimately understands the reality of that betrayal.

Have you been abandoned or betrayed? How are you responding? 



  1. Nangyari na sakin dati yan, Em. It was painful kasi you trust them and love them tapos ganun ang gagawin nila diba. Pray for them nalang and ask God to heal your heart and teach you to forgive and let go of the pain na nararamdaman mo.

    Sometimes nga lang sa ganyan, nagiging "guarded" na yung feelings toward sa iba kasi sa naranasan natin sa past, but in time maibabalik din ang dati and you'll learn to make friends with others and trust them. And prayer helps a lot. =)

  2. Nangyari na sakin yung ganyan dati, Em. Pray for them nalang and ask God to heal your heart and teach you to forgive and let of the pain that you're feeling right now. Big help ang prayers talaga, =)