Thursday, February 5, 2015

3rd Sunday at CCF

Last January 25th, it was our 3rd time to attend church service at CCF.
You can check my post about our 2nd Sunday here and the message we heard that day here.

While going up, I took a pic of the Welcome Center.

We decided to stay at the upper balcony.

Akala ko mas malamig sa pinaka-taas, mas warm pala.

You can watch the video here.
Speaker, Edmud Chan's topic is entitled "No Half-Measures".
After the service, we met our Dgroup. our leader gave us free snack - Puto Pao from Nathanie's. Ang sarap!!! Mahilig pa naman ako sa puto pao :) 

Check their menu.
After our fellowship, gutom na naman ang mag-ama ko so we went to the cafeteria.
3rd Sunday na namen to pero same food lang ang kinakain nila since our 1st Sunday.
Lugaw kay Chloe.
Laing kay Duz.
Going home, holding hands ang mag-ama ko. Malapit na nga ako mag-selos. Chos!

While waiting for the bus, I asked Chloe to smile.

Momi: Nak, isa pa. Smile ulit.
Chloe: (Pauli-ulit)


Bago kame makarating sa bahay, merienda ulit. May mga alaga akong dinosaurs eh!

That's it.
We were blessed.