Sunday, February 1, 2015

30 Before 30

Today is February 01, 2015. I will turn 30 on April 28, 2017.
As of today, I've got
2 years 
2 months 
26 days away!  

5 hours 
54 minutes 
4 seconds 
to be precise ;-)

816 days in total!
April 28 2017 is a Friday and is in week 17 of 2017. via
Have you ever stopped for a second and realized that time is just passing you by? 
It’s a list of trips I’ve been meaning to take, challenges I’ve been dreaming of taking on, skills I’ve been planning to learn, and personal breakthroughs I’ve been hoping to have.
I've decided to create my list of the things I want to do before I reach that day. I've created this almost two years ago but was so afraid to publish it because I might be accounted for it. Haha.
But now, I'm shouting it to the whole universe!!!  I'm declaring and claiming that God will help me accomplish the things in this list by His grace and if it's His will.
In no random order: 

Travel: (1-6)
1 - Explore Nueva Vizcaya, the province where Duz came from.
2 - Glamping in Sumilon.
3 - Backpack outside the Philippines.
4 - Bring Pretty and Chloe in Hongkong Disneyland.
5 - Go to Batanes.
6 - Travel solo a-la Eat, Pray and Love.
7 - Take one "spur-of-the-moment" trip. 
Experience/Achievement: (7-17)
8 - Earn from my blog.
9 - Learn a foreign language like Spanish.
10 - Have my online store that sells terno clothes for Mom and daughters.
11 - Have a pre-nuptial shoot with Duz and get married again.
12 - Own a house.
13 - Have a Budoir photoshoot.
14 - Finish Happiness Project.
15 - Get a life insurance.
16 - Invest in stock market.
17 - Find opportunities to volunteer or do good to a stranger who can't repay me.
18 - Have a contingency fund.
19 - Attend a couples retreat or undergo marriage counseling.
20 - Have a communication with Popcy.
21 - Be able to bake a cake.
22 - Be a fan. Go to a concert.
23 - Try something new with my hair.
24 - Try acupuncture.
25 - Buy something really expensive for myself because I deserve it.
26 - Go to a TV show and contest.
27 - Create a scrapbook.
28 - Have my own garage sale - Dress for a Cause.
29 - Have my own disciple group.
30. Have a grand 30th birthday party.
P.S. Mejo matagal kong pinag-isipan kung dapat pa ba 'tong i-post o sarilinin ko na lang, pero sige, post na. Ginusto ko 'to eh. WAHAHAHA. :D


  1. Ow! We all want to achieve things before we turn 30! Mejo malayo - layo pa ako kaya hinay hinay muna hehehe. =) Goodluck Em.. =)

    1. Buti ka pa malayo-layo pa.. ako malapit-lapit na... hehe :) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. You still have so much time to accomplish all those things. Uy, gusto ko rin yang travel solo! Good luck and have fun!

    P.S. Baking is fun. I look forward to seeing your first cake. :)

    1. Thanks Edel. I'll share my first cake here, pag di ko kinaya - cupcake na lang :)