Friday, January 30, 2015

Week 4: Wrap Up (Videos)

Week 3: Jan/19/2015 to Jan/25/2015

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Week 4

Jan 19 (Mon): Staycation at Kuya Ricky's place 
We had a relaxing day. Kain, tulog, internet, pasyal. Ganyan lang. Ang saya!


Jan 20 (Tues): 
We left our my cousin's house early morning. We took our lunch first before going to Novaliches.

I ordered some supplies for my business.

Before going home, we did our grocery.

Jan 21 (Wed): 

At work, we had our first team meeting for the year. There were three good news:
1. All of us passed our CSI.
2. All of us will get an increase.
3. One of my teammate will get promoted to a senior role.

Jan 22 (Thurs): Apartment Reservation

Among all the apartments, eto talaga yung pinaka gusto ko kaya nag-pareserve na ko. I'll show you more about it on my next post.

Update: here's my post

Jan 23 (Fri): Batch 2 of January
Bought few items:
Chloe: 5 tops and 3 hats
Duz: 4 tops
Em: 4 tops

Jan 24 (Sat):

In the morning, sinamahan ko mamelengke si Usteng.

This was our food.

Putok batok na naman! Haha.. Kaya nag-paluto ako ng pangontra.

Parang sinigang lang yan, except walang sabaw. The rest of the day, nag-pahinga lang ako.

Jan 25 (Sunday):

I cooked one of my faves - Ma-ling!!! Haha... Oo, masaya na ko diyan.

After breakfast, nag-ready na kame.

We attended the 12 noon service. I'll tell you more about it on my next post. Update: here's my post.

That's it!

May utang akong 2 posts within this week: apartment and our 3rd Sunday at CCF.
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Medyo busy ang lola niyo :)


  1. super busy ka pala Em, pero mukhang enjoy din naman yung week mo. Gusto ko din yang maling lalo na pag may side dish na gulay! =)

    1. Yes, medyo busy ako but I try to squeeze in blogging because it's my stress reliever. Thanks for dropping by :)