Friday, January 23, 2015

Week 3: Wrap Up

Week 3: Jan/12/2015 to Jan/18/2015

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Week 3

Jan 12 (Mon): House for rent in Evergreen
I had those rare moments with my cousins.  Spent the day looking for a house, talking about our pasts and current situations, catching up and laughing at our stupidities :)

Jan 13 (Tues): Ordinary working day 

Jan 14 (Wed): Hoarding!!! Bought some clothes.
Batch 1: 5 bottoms and 10 blouses (no pics yet)

Jan 15 (Thurs): Privie's last day & Bible Study
During our lunch, we ate outside the office. Within technohub lang din naman. Sayang, wala kameng pictures. After lunch, we had our regular Bible study within the shift. I'm glad I have Christian friends in the workplace.

Jan 16 (Fri): Busy working day 

Jan 17 (Sat): House hunting with Ate Ina & Ate Endang at Bagong Silang

After work, nag-breakfast muna kame bago pumunta sa mga pinsan ko. Duz cooked "maling" and cheese sticks. Enjoy na enjoy ko yan :)

This is the newly built apartment na tinignan namen. Hindi pa talaga gawa. 2 units per floor. Sa 3rd floor, basketball court. Ok sana kaya lang studio type lang.

Tapos namen magtingin-tingin, tumambay lang kame ni Chloe kina Thea.

They look good together.

We went home and slept. Sunday morning na ako nagising.

Jan 18: (Sun): Met our Dgroup leaders and attended 3 pm service then overnight in Las Pinas

It was raining that day. Kala ko hindi kame makakapag-simba.

We met our Dgroup leaders at 2pm. Chloe took this photo while Duz was listening to the group.

After Dgroup, we attended the 3pm service. I'll tell you more about it on my next post.

After the service, we went to the "Welcome Center" and claimed our Bible. CCF gives free Bible to new attendees.

We had our early dinner at CCF's cafeteria.

I ordered Nachos (P75). Sarap. Bet ko kasi ang Mexican food.

Na-enjoy ko talaga yan. Happy tummy!

We left CCF around 6pm. Malakas pa rin ang ulan at napakalamig sa daan.

We went to Las Pinas where my cousin resides. Dun kame nag-overnight. I'll tell you more about it on my next post.

That's it. How's your week so far?

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