Saturday, January 24, 2015

The message that gave him goosebumps

On our second Sunday at CCF, I felt better because Duz listened very carefully to the message. We attended the 3pm service (Taglish) and I think it's a good idea. I'll tell you why.

On our first Sunday, we attended the 9 am service (English). It was good and I was so blessed to hear the message. Duz was with me and and I felt somehow he was still adjusting. Adjusting means, there were awkward moments but he survived without sleeping during the message. Haha...


At 3pm service, Pastor Bong Saquing spoke Taglish. He delivered the message using his own experiences in life. Hindi lang parang nag-do-doktrina. Makaka-relate ka talaga sa mga samples niya. He threw punch lines every now and then. Hindi ka maantok and he kept the congregation awake and alive. Swak na swak para kay Alejandrino.

Here's the summary of the message.

"The Christian life is not hard. It's impossible. The Christian life is not difficult. It is supernatural." Pastor Peter Tan-Chi

After the service, I asked Duz how was it. He said, it will be better if we attend the 3pm service regularly. Mas naiintindihan daw niya kasi. Haha :)  Okay.

Then I noticed, he's more interested and excited to attend church.

You know what... he told me this.

Hindi ko inaasahan na habang nagsasalita yung pastor, mag-gu-goosebumps ako. Parang ako yung kausap niya. Sapul na sapul eh. Tapos nung nag-pray, hindi ko mapigilan yung luha ko.

I smiled at him. My heart was smiling at that time. And in my mind, I prayed "Lord, thank you."

I'm sharing this video for you to see. If God worked with Duz' heart, I pray he works with yours too.

God bless everyone!

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