Saturday, January 17, 2015

Red Alert!!!

Last Friday, I suffered from irritated eyes.

I've been wearing contact lenses for 15 years. Yes, you read it right - 15 years!!!

And I do not have a spare eyeglasses.

First thing I do when I wake up? Wear my contact lenses.

Last thing I do before going to sleep? Remove my contact lenses.

And honestly, sometimes I sleep with my contact lenses on. Very bad habit.

So, imagine - I wear contact lenses for 18 hours or more a day.

I also have to admit that I wear expired contact lenses. Like those that last for 3 months, I wear them for a year.

I'm not very diligent in taking care of them. For example, I wear them on without cleaning. Bad hygiene.

I do not follow proper care lens most the time.

I also let my nails grow and my eyes suffer from scratch each time I remove my lenses.

And the worst thing.... I wear them on even if they are ripped or with tear.

Having said so, I shouldn't be surprised if one day - all these bad habits backfire.

Well, this is not the first time it happened to me. Pangatlo na, actually. Parang every 2 years.... Walang kadala-dala!

Contact lens pa more!!!!


  1. omg!! take care of your eyes.. nakakatakot! If there's one thing na ayaw kong masira, that's my eyes kasi I can still see wonders with it diba? Kaya takot ako mag contact lense kasi baka makatulugan ko eh.. Take care Em..

    1. Thanks Mommy Jen. Yes, we really have to take care f our eyes. :)