Thursday, January 8, 2015

Recap: My 14 in 2014

This is EM reporting....

I created my list early last year. In September, I posted this because I knew - I was running out of time. 


14 in 2014:

1. Start my Happiness Project
Eto nasimulan ko pero hindi ko natapos. Ulitin ko na lang this year ;) Here are some of my posts about it.

2. Purchase or DIY Furniture for our Haven: bed and cabinets 
Nakagawa ng bed, cabinet and table si Duz. Unfortunately, naiwan namen sa apartment when we moved out. Sayang :(

3. Garage Sale 
I tried to dispose my unused clothes. I posted it here. Pero ang ending - hindi pa rin. Naisip ko ipamana na lang kay Pretty because most of it kasya na sakanya.

4. 2GO Ship experience
Waley :(

5. Try a diet plan
Nag GM diet ako first quarter of 2014. Nagustuhan ka siya. I planned to do it every once in a while, pero hindi ko naulit nung 2014. Hopefully, this year magawa ko ulit.

6. Backpack
Waley din :(

7. Tiangge/ Online Store
I started my online store - Fashion with DuzEm. I now have around 2000+ followers. Active lang ako during the first half of 2014. The second half, hindi ko na masyadong naasikaso because I had to focus on some personal issues.

8. Attend to my medical needs: dental care, scoliosis, gallstones and hormonal imbalance (almost)
Eto hindi ko sure kung dapat ko bang i-cross out. In August, muntik na talaga ako magpa-opera to remove my gall bladder. Pero nung nagpa second opinion ako, baka daw ulcer ang cause ng abdominal pain ko. I tried to attend to my medical needs pero hindi pa rin 100%.

9. New hairstyle - ombre or bleach hair color
Successful ito. Nakapagpa-ombre ako last year. Pero masyado ng mahaba ang hair ko so pinaputulan ko na. 

10. Learn more recipes that I can serve on holidays May mag na-search ako. Pero hindi ko nagawa nung holidays. Hopefully, this year.

11. Travel solo a-la Eat, Pray and Love Eto gustung-gusto ko. Pero waley. Ngayon, gustung-gusto ko pa rin. I pray that the universe conspires at maisakatuparan ko ito.

12. Start working on my Pag-ibig documents to purchase a house
I tried. I asked help from friends who were able to purchase a house thru PAG-IBIG. Magho-house tripping na kame this first quarter. Lord. Ikaw na bahala :)

13. Volunteer or do charity works
Nagui-guilty ako na pinalagpas ko ang chance na maakapag-volunteer. Pero, I joined a Christian community in our office and they have plans to do missionary activities or charity events. Kung walang hadlang, I will really volunteer.

14. Be a fan. Go to a concert or gig. Mukhang mangyayari na ito next month. I bought tickets to Boyce Avenue's concert on V-day. Woohoo. I'm so eggzoited :)

So ayun. Nagawa ko ung iba. Dun sa mga hindi, kasali ulit sila sa 15 in 2015 ko. Bwahaha :)

Have a wonderful and prosperous 2015!


  1. Goodluck to your list Em! My partner's Mom is working on a real estate. She's a Division manager already, maybe we can help with your Pag ibig requirements kasi what I know is they would do the requirements for you na if you buy a house. =)

    1. Really. How can I contact her to inquire?