Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fake Christians

This statement may offend some people, but it's true! There are too many hypocrites that try to represent the church. I've met this family who goes to church every Sunday but spend the rest of the week cursing, smoking, drinking, hating, etc. The daughter serves as a Sunday School teacher but outside the church - she smokes and do all the worldly things.

These children go to church out of fear. They are obliged to be Christians because their father said so. But when their Dad is out of the country, they go back to their old bad habits, they can't even think of attending Sunday service.

Eto yung mga Kristyanong lulubog, lilitaw.

I am not judging anyone here or being self-righteous. At some point, I was also a hypocrite - fake Christian.

But now I'm so convicted, I hate to see more and more people being like this.

There are so many Christians leading other people astray because they are out there doing what they want to do, and when it is convenient for them, they want to proclaim they are Christians.  This should not be so!

Not saying that you have to be a saint, all I'm saying is if you are going to preach it and teach it, you also have to live it! Practice what you preach, don't be a hypocrite! 

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