Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My not-so polite replies to 'Ang taba mo na!'

Do you hate it when someone greets you with "Ang taba mo?" instead of "Hello!"
I hope some people would realize this. There are other things to ask or talk about, unless you really intend to annoy others. Please, be sensitive enough.

We've all been there - that obligatory family gathering where you see people at the end of the year.
Andyan yung Tita mo  na lagi kang pinapansin. Yung pinsan mo na akala mo fashion guru o Victoria Secret model.  Yung kaibigan mo na hindi naman kagandahan pero ang lakas maka-lait.

Here are few polite replies but I also created my own list of not-so polite replies - kung magpapaka-totoo lang ako.

So don't. For the love of God and all things white and shiny, tell someone he/she gained weight. Para good vibes lang tayo.

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