Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Turn back the clock as daylight saving time ends




Who came up with this?

New Zealander and noted entomologist George Vernon Hudson was the first person to seriously propose moving clocks ahead to take advantage of additional hours of daylight in 1895. Benjamin Franklin made a somewhat lighthearted reference to something like DST in a letter penned in 1784, but it would never be implemented in his lifetime.

The change always happens on the first Sunday in November.

Dahil sa BPO ako nagta-trabaho at ang mga kliyente ko ay taga-USA, apektado ako nito. Ayoko pa naman ng late shift. Mas gusto ko maagang nakakauwi para hindi ako maarawan. The good thing about it, may taxi allowance kame for 2 months :)

Source: Montreal Gazette

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