Thursday, November 6, 2014

Red Nail Polish

Red nail polish is the ultimate statement of glamour – a bold, look-at-me color that speaks of passion, fire and confidence. It marks you out as someone who is daring, dramatic, outgoing and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. Play with this hue when you want to show off your diva side! via The Beauty Gypsy
According to a lot of men, the best color on all women is bright ruby red. Red can be paired with almost any outfit, especially the classic LBD or lacey white summer top. While this can seem like a big risk for more conservative women, it is definitely one of the most eye-catching and alluring nail polish colors men love.
The color itself screams VA VA VA VOOM! It can spice up the nails of both mature women and young adults because of its classic versatility. I have seen some ladies sport crimson with a pair of jeans on a trip to the mall, while others pair it with lacey black evening gowns. It is very feminine, attractive and even Bon Jovi sings about it in his song «You Give Love a Bad Name». Remember the lyrics, "Blood red nails on your fingertips, a school boys dream you act so shy." Now how can you not choose red at your next manicure after hearing that little ditty!

Personally, red nail polish is my default color. So here are some pictures of my red nails.


How about you? What nail polish color do you typically wear?